Advertising – what should my message be?

There are a thousand and one ways to get your message out in your community.  From Radio broadcast to coupon clippers, to bus ads, to social media, and so on.  With all of these channels of communication available to us, why don’t we see great impact with our advertising campaigns.  Well, at Intrigue Media, we believe this is happening for a couple of reasons.

1)      People are inundated with messaging, it is difficult to capture attention.

2)      Sometimes we miss the mark with our message.

People are inundated

If we all agree that we are bombarded with messages every day, how do we get our message noticed?  The answer is identifying the channels in which our audience consumes.

We miss the mark with our message

“This weekend only, 50% off!”  Or “We sell only the best quality widgets.”

This might be a simplified version of an ad campaign for some, but for others, this is what is used.  You can open up a local magazine or paper today and see this.  So why doesn’t work?  The answer is that the message might not be relevant to your audience.

The two issues we have identified both deal with understanding our audience better.  For the sake of this article, ‘audience’ refers to your best type of customer.  Not the discount buyer that comes once for a great deal.  We are talking about the full paying customer that loves your stuff and talks you up to their friends.  That is your ‘audience’.

How well do you know your audience?  Have you profiled your top customers?  Have you asked them why they buy from you?  Have you asked them what they say about you to others?

We are always so busy working in our business every day, that we forget to step back and ask, “why?”

Once we understand our audience better, we can begin to identify the right channels for reaching them and even better, we can begin to create a message that is relevant to what they want.


Here is an example:

Picture this – A mortgage company sets up shop in a new territory.  They are independently owned and operated.  They put an ad into the community, “Our services are free and we’ll get the mortgage you need!”  This is true, the lenders pay the mortgage agents and these agents are industry experts, to say the least.

Their audience however, doesn’t understand why their services are free and they think, “There must be a catch.”  Risk creeps up into their decision making process and they know they can trust their bank, so off they go.

A couple of years later, this company spends some time looking at their best customers, analyzing why they bought from their company and what they say to others.  After some time and lots of thought, they identify that their best clients are active in their community, first time home buyers, they are excited and nervous about their first home purchase, and they are looking for real people to help.  They also view home ownership as a new beginning in their life deserving of a celebration.

So, we came up with the following video to be played on our TV Networks throughout Milton, Mississauga, and Guelph:

They are now experiencing their best year in history!

Moral of the story, take the time to understand your best customers so you can start to focus your messages to be relevant to your audience.

Want some help, visit and give us a call.  At Intrigue Media, we love to help great businesses get noticed!

Rob is an action junkie at Intrigue Media. When he isn’t meeting with clients to create marketing campaigns for getting noticed, he is meeting with Chuck Norris to find out how he became the king of action. Rob is part of the Young Professionals Network of Guelph and the Master Planning Steering Committee for the Guelph General Hospital. When Rob isn’t working, he is finding new ways to catapult himself through the air.
  • Mat Abraham

    This article is a gold mine. For many business owners the message gets over looked. Relying more on the success of the medium (radio, TV, print, etc.).

    A focused, explicit message to a targeted audience is far more effective than the ubiquitous “Business name, hours of operation and sale”. Exactly as your case study with Champion Mortgage illustrates.


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