Stop Being Normal!

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of pressure to fit in, to do what everyone else does.

There’s a fear; if you stand out too much you might become an outcast.

With business owners, I hear “Everyone is our market.” If you want to reach everyone your product/service has to be for everyone. That makes for average products, average service for the average person.

My favorite local shops are those that are really out there, super specific, and intentionally ignore the normal/average person. They start catering to a small passionate core base, and then the magic happens…

In short be like Mini, pick a side and shout it, not an average sedan for your 2.5 kids, but a small sporty unique auto for only the select person.

Check out their commercial that screams they’re not normal.

Well at least that’s what we’re doing. We’ve picked a side and we’re not for everyone, and this helps us get our clients get noticed.

Matt helps organizations in the Greater Niagara region get found and get noticed, and has a ton of fun doing it!
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  • Rob Murray

    Great article Mat! Being something for everyone is like being a jack of all trades and master of none. If we can focus on the people that love our stuff and target only our best customers, our efforts will pay off exponentially faster than going after the average.

    Here is an article on understanding your best customers:

    • Mat Abraham

      So true, understanding your core committed customers is at the heart of “not normal”, thanks Rob.

  • Stella Johnson

    Great article Matt and very true

  • Barry

    Great article Mat! Anyone that knows me or my company (Baac Office) or others that work on know we are not “normal”. We never want to be “normal”, as that is boring and looks like a “high volume, low margin, consumable product”. Being unique is what sets each of us apart, and since we now can have customers worldwide, we can target very tight lucrative markets around the world.

    • Mat Abraham

      Well said Barry: “Unique” and “niche”, are magic words for marketing and business success

  • Lee Routhier

    Good article Matt, when there is so much of the same out there today, unique is the way to go. Why are so many afraid to go above the normal

  • Sandra Summerhayes

    Love your article Mat. Being unique is where it’s at!

    • Mat Abraham

      Thanks Sandra,
      I can say from first hand experience in LN; you personify “unique” in the concepts you’ve facilitated and lead.

      See you in June!

  • Reply

    Great article, Mat.

    And this isn’t just a problem in business thinking. Many of the college students I advise leave their most intriguing knowledge, skills, and experiences off of their resumes, because they are trying to fit in. Of course, it backfires, and their resume gets lost in the pile.

    So I advise students to market themselves to limit their target market of employers to the specific subset who could use their “Wow” traits.


  • Paul Morgan

    I just helped an entrepreneur open a breakfast spot east of Toronto. We wanted to be different and so we made the decision to be unlike other breakfast places – unlike the national chains as well as the ma and pa restaurants. i think we were successful. Concept development is everything. If you want you can check it out at Look at the menus.

    • Mat Abraham

      Thanks for sharing Paul, looks like a great concept, I like the unique web design. Is that through Web6s ?


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