People Vs. Robots

Hello you have reached an automated attendant. This being your first interaction with our company, we hope you enjoy speaking to a robot. In an economy of decreasing margins, increasing competition, and decreasing budgets why would anyone want an automated attendant to answer their phone?

At Intrigue Media, we believe that people deserve to talk to people. When it comes to someone calling us, we figure there are a only a few reasons for the call. Let’s examine them shall we?

1) Someone is calling because they are thinking about working with us. – we work tirelessly to find great clients for us to help grow their business so one thing is for sure when someone calls us, we want to talk to them.

2) Someone is calling because they have a question or concern, maybe even a complaint. – If a client needs our help, we believe that they deserve a helpful voice to ensure that we take responsibility and that they are taken care of. I know I love navigating through a labyrinth of touch tone options to find someone who will listen to me.

3) Someone is calling because they want to buy more from us. – do we really need to beat this up? If someone wants to buy from us, we want to be there to help with the decision.

4) Someone is calling to sell us something. – sure this might not be the best use of time, but finding what they are selling is valuable. Maybe it will help us, maybe it is a great sales person on the phone and we should bring them into our organization.

Maybe, we’re crazy, but I am pretty sure that having a real person pick up the phone for each of these situations is going to be better than an automated attendant. Which is better?

You be the judge… “Intrigue Media, Rob Speaking, what can I do for you today?” or “You have reached xyz inc, please listen to the following options.”

Rob is an action junkie at Intrigue Media. When he isn’t meeting with clients to create marketing campaigns for getting noticed, he is meeting with Chuck Norris to find out how he became the king of action. Rob is part of the Young Professionals Network of Guelph and the Master Planning Steering Committee for the Guelph General Hospital. When Rob isn’t working, he is finding new ways to catapult himself through the air.

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