“Wow” Factor

I’m sure most of you have heard the term “Wow Factor”. Chances are you haven’t heard it as much as I have…well, unless you are also a designer. Many clients come to me and say they want “Wow Factor” after struggling to find the exact words to describe what they want. At first, this term was something that caused a lot of anxiety for me. What is this “Wow Factor”? How can we define it? Thing is, “Wow Factor” is different for everybody. “Wow Factor” to me, can mean something completely different to you!

I would struggle with this term constantly, trying to add more and more to my designs. I realized about 50% of the time “Wow” did in fact mean adding complexity, but the other 50% of my clients viewed simple attention to detail as the “Wow Factor”. See where I’m coming from here? “Wow Factor” is highly ambiguous, yet people seem to know exactly what it is when they see it. I needed to find the definition for “Wow Factor” which would ultimately be the key to satisfying my “Wow” seeking clients.

Here’s what I’ve found: there is no definition for “Wow Factor”. There simply isn’t. Now before you question the point of this blog, here’s what else I’ve discovered. “Wow Factor” may not be easily defined, but through experience I’ve realized that it’s that extra amount of detail you add to your design. After you design something, look at it and ask yourself “have I done everything I could to make this design the best that it can be?” if the answer is “yes”? Than you have unlocked the mystery of “Wow”.

Kyla is a quirky design nerd. Apart from being Intrigue's Video Producer extraordinaire, she is an avid musician and foodie!

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