Social Media Cowboys

Social media has become one of the largest online marketing initiatives for businesses in the last few years. I am astounded by how quickly social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter came from nothing to being on every smartphone in such a short time.

Social media is new, and because it changes so rapidly, it has been a relatively flat playing field for online marketers. I like to think of this as being the “wild west” era of social media. The frontier hasn’t been settled yet, there are still many wild areas to tame, mountains to climb, roads to build, and towns to populate.

Since pretty much everyone and their brother is on some sort of social media, most everyone holds some level of experience within using it. I help businesses use social media to grow their networks and in turn, grow their revenues. My brother uses FaceBook to keep in touch with his friends. My wife uses Pinterest to find and share great ideas for different kinds of DIY projects.

Because almost everyone has some level of knowledge of how to use social media, there are more people using social media at an intermediate-to-high level than any other online marketing initiative.

Enter the social media cowboys (and cowgirls).

You’ve probably come across these people. You might ask about someone, “What does John do for a living?” You are told, “John does social media.” As the conversation progresses, you learn that John is a one-person company, who works from home, sets up social media profiles for companies, and does it all at pretty affordable pricing.

This sounds pretty good, right? Maybe.

Just because someone knows how to do something, doesn’t mean they know how to do it well. Don’t get me wrong – anyone with Google chops, a FaceBook account, and an hour of time can setup a FaceBook page.

We’ve heard so many people say things like:

  • “I had a friend who did social media setup my profiles, and they didn’t finish setting up everything.”
  • “We had an employee setup our Twitter account, but she left, and she won’t give us the password.”
  • “I was paying a someone out-0f-country to manage my social media. I have 1000 likes on my FaceBook page, but none of those people are buying from my business.”
  • “We were working with someone on social media, but she never did things when she said she would.”
  • “We were working with someone on social media, but he got a job somewhere and disappeared.”

At the end of the day, a best-practice marketing agency gives you something a cowboy can’t: Return on Relationship

At Intrigue, we begin our relationships with our clients by understanding the issues their organizations have experienced with marketing. If we and the client both feel that there is a fit to start a relationship, we begin.

We’re looking to enter into these relationships and maintain them for a long time. This means open, honest face-to-face communication and creating and fulfilling expectations.

We’re here to help our clients build their businesses for the long haul.

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Whether Seth is helping local businesses grow through website and email marketing, or through empowering Intrigue's client success teams, he approaches this work as the art he has been put on this earth to create. Outside of Intrigue, Seth enjoys hanging out with his wife, photographing weddings, drumming, and watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix.
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  • Rob Murray

    Seth, you never cease to amaze, this is a great piece on the environment we all work in everyday.

    One thing is for sure, cowboys don’t last long. Just as the days of the wild west have come and gone, so have the cowboys. The people and organizations that are still here had clarity in their vision and purpose.

    Anyone reading this post is welcome to join Intrigue Media this July 18th at our office to see the inner working of our organization and our vision to be the leaders in local marketing across Canada.

    Our rude into the sunset is a long way away from here!

  • intriguevanessa

    Great Article Seth!

  • Wayne

    You nailed it Seth! Especially the common problems people encounter with social media cowboys. An organized, clearly defined campaign based on a solid client relationship is the only way to go…

  • Jan Cooper-Webb

    This was a great article Seth. Thanks for the insights and good information

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