What if they say something bad about me?

I always hear “I don’t know about this social media thing because what if people write bad things about my business?”

My answer is quite simple: whether you are on social media or not, they will be saying these things regardless, both online and offline.

Being in the space gives you the power to deal with the issues that exist, because whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, every once in a while we drop the ball. Don’t you want the chance to pick the ball up before it’s too late?

If you’re in the space it gives you the opportunity to showcase your genuine concern and customer service in a public platform, so you are not only recovering the service of one individual but also everyone else who sees how well you treat your customers.

Even more awesome; these unsatisfied customers can be a blessing in disguise because more times than not you can turn this unsatisfied customer into a brand ambassador that will share this positive story, again both online and offline, and who doesn’t want that?

Vanessa works with local business owners to develop strategic marketing efforts, that help them achieve their goals! Outside of work she is on the board of the United Way, helps connect young professionals through her efforts as a YPN committee member, and spends time with friends and family, travels, and enjoys the odd Martini.
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    Great post Vanessa!

    I love the idea of making unhappy clients into brand ambassadors – it helps me view service recovery as an opportunity instead of an inconvenience.

  • Rob Murray

    Vanessa, you nailed it on the head!
    People are talking on and offline everywhere and everyday. It is our job as business owners, managers, people to keep the conversation going with our clients and/or customers whether it is good or bad so that we can always continuously improve and strive towards excellence!

    Here is a post on the idea of striving towards excellence: http://intrigueme.ca//2013/02/08/striving-excellence-it/

  • Stella Johnson

    Well said Vanessa!

    • Stella Johnson

      I shared this blog and got some great feedback on it – thanks Vanessa!

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