How We Helped Countryside Camp

Have you ever felt like your story wasn’t getting out there? You’re not alone. Tim, Adrian, and the team at Countryside Camp felt the same way.

When we sat down with them, we talked about how Countryside’s website was a roadblock to their success. Their website made it hard for them to engage people with how they help people realize their potential in  Jesus Christ.

Countryside wanted us to build a website that would empower them and increase their market visibility, and we were happy to do this. However, great websites aren’t built on the idea that “if you build it, they will come”. Websites need external mechanisms to get people to find them.

We coupled their new website with a video campaign in Guelph and Kitchener. Our video promoted their biggest fundraising event, the family fun fair.

We ran a Facebook ad campaign to target people who believed in the same things Countryside’s best clients believe. We also sent out a quarterly email targeting people about booking their rental facilities.

Tim shares about his experience with working with Intrigue Media: “Anyone will tell you they can build you a website these days. Seth won’t tell you that you need a new website; he and team at Intrigue media will develop a relationship with you that seeks to build capacity into your business using best practices and proven marketing systems. We now understood how differently we needed to communicate our message of hope, and more importantly, Seth understood. Anyone can build a website, but how many individuals and companies want to stand with you and assist you in reaching your full potential? I can think of one: Seth and the team at Intrigue Media.”

Check out Countryside’s website, and tell us about your favourite camp memories in the comments.

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