Helping the Guelph Food Bank Connect With Clients and Volunteers

The Guelph Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that was established by Spiritwind Christian Centre in 1989. They exist to provide food support to those who can’t financially afford to buy their own. As well as providing short-term assistance, they do their best to help clients become self-sufficient in the long term. Their goal is to get people to a point that they need little or no assistance from community agencies and groups.

The Guelph Food Bank needs food donations from the community in order to support over 20,000 people every year. Additionally, they carry out programs that help clients find jobs, improve skills, provide clothing, and more. To to all this work, they need help from members of the Guelph community. They also wanted to be able to tell people how to get involved in these programs, volunteer, and what types of food they need the most. After giving it some thought, the team at the Guelph Food Bank decided that the best way to connect with the Guelph community would be to give their website a whole new look.

After an initial meeting, our team here at Intrigue brainstormed how we could create a new website that would help the Guelph Food Bank share their wealth of information. We believed that with the right design, this new website could be geared towards both clients and people interested in supporting the Food Bank.

Over the next few months, our team designed a new website that was easy to navigate and provided all of the pertinent information clients or volunteers would need. This new website shares detailed information about all of their programs with a downloadable form for anyone who wants to become a partner. The website also has a list of food they need, dates for all of their events, and a link for visitors to make monetary donations. For people that want to help but aren’t sure how, there’s a list of the different ways they can get involved.

We love sharing our work with the community and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Visit the new website here!

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