How to Write Great Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Some of the biggest problems with companies today is finding ways for them to reach the top of google’s results page. Many small companies can’t figure out how to overcome this issue. There are a lot of factors to consider when adding SEO, but some of the main things people lack is adding a good title tag and meta description. In this blog you will learn the basic on how to create these two valuable parts to boost your SEO.

With that being said let’s get started!

What is a Title tag?

A title tag is the title that defines the link of the document. Title tags are found within in search engine result pages also known as SERPs. A Title tags is a very valuable part of a website’s SEO. The title of the webpage should give an accurate description on the content that is on that page. Let’s dive deeper to see how to create a great title tag.

How to Write great Title Tags

A title tag is a great way to help boost your SEO. Here are some key things to follow to maximize your title tags.

When starting a Title tag we need to keep in mind the length of our character count. If the character count is too long it will be cut off by Google. For Google the length is usually between 50-60 characters. With that being said, having a longer title tag within that number will help boost your SEO value. Another key to follow is to add keywords into the beginning of the title tag. This will help boost your ranking and users are more likely to click your link . The last thing we should take in consideration when writing a title tag is to add a geographic location at the end of the tag. This also helps your SEO and cuts down confusion for the searcher.

Here is an example of what your title tag should look like.

Primary keyword – Secondary keyword | Location
example of a title tag

What is a meta description?

A meta description is the last call of action you have to attract your customers. The meta description is a snippet of the information that is below the link. The meta description gives the user a small description of what the link contains. Its main purpose is to persuade the user to click through to your site.The meta description acts as a sales call to the searcher. Having a meta description is a great way to boost your profile on SERPs and also help your SEO ranking.


How to write great meta descriptions

Here are some key things to focus on when you are creating a meta description. The meta description needs to be less than 155 characters. Google will cut off the meta descriptions if it exceeds this length. With that being said you want to take full advantage of the 155 characters. The more information you can give to the searcher, the more likely they will click through to your site. The information you are providing should be clear and convincing.


Another key step that we want to take into consideration is providing a benefit or a solution. By doing this we are telling the searcher what we are providing right away. Adding keywords are also valuable in creating a meta description. The keywords should relate to the link. This will catch the searchers eye and also boost or SEO. The final step is to add in a geographic location. This will help the searcher know where you are located and also boost your SEO.  


Example of meta description


Next time that you are working on your SEO keep these steps in mind. These little tricks will help optimize your SEO ranking and in the end, drive more consumers to your site! If you have any questions feel free to contact the team at Intrigue today!


Ryan is a current intern at Intrigue with a strong passion for marketing. He recently graduated from Humber college. When Ryan is not working he enjoys giving back to the community by helping out with a local non profit organization Ball4All. He also enjoys spending time at his cottage with family and friends.
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  • Yoanna K.

    Hallo Ryan, Thank you for sharing this post, which I found really helpful.
    What about numbers in the title. Is it Okay to use them?

    • Alex Hamilton

      Hey Yoanna, that’s a great question! I’ll jump in and answer for Ryan here — it is totally fine to use numbers in the title, but unless they’re part of a keyword phrase they won’t add to SEO value. Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any more questions 🙂

  • Jessica

    Great post Ryan! 🙂

    Writing effective title tags and meta descriptions using SEO best practices is crucial when trying to improve your search ranking.

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