Which WordPress Theme Should I Use?

There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can use to build your website, so which one is the best theme for you?

We’ve built WordPress websites with dozens of themes over the years, and we have found that the following questions helped lead us to finding the best WordPress themes from our partner Artbees.

What do you need to accomplish with your WordPress theme?

We’ve been developing our WordPress websites with Artbees’ Ken and Jupiter themes over the past couple years. Their themes are the best WordPress options we’ve found to use — and we’ve worked in a lot of themes. Seriously, a lot! Artbees themes are extremely customizable, and updated all the time to ensure security. Their themes empower us to create beautiful websites for our clients.

What are the WordPress theme support and updates like?

If you’ve ever bought software on Envato, it’s a crapshoot for whether or not you are able to get real support from the software developers. Sometimes there’s no support, even though the seller says there is — it’s like buying a laptop with an extended warranty from a store, finding out it’s broken, going back to the store and finding out that no one works there. With Artbees, however, it was different.

It’s not very often that you come across WordPress theme developers who implement the feedback you give them at all, let alone quickly. Artbees has blown us away with both their support and implementation of our feedback in their themes. Artbees support typically gets back to us within a business day of our inquiries, and they even make time for us to Skype with them!

Do the WordPress theme developers care about you?

We were honoured to be interviewed by Artbees in 2016. We shared what we’ve learned over the years about how to manage the ever-present challenge of scope creep. You can watch the interview and read the blog here.

All in all, it’s safe to say that we’ve got a business crush on Artbees, and we’re excited to partner with them to bring our clients the best WordPress websites we can. 🙂
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