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Our Approach

Our Approach

By creating an engaging medium to communicate our clients’ messages to their intended audience, Intrigue Media delivers results and help drive new business.

We operates several different digital display networks at numerous locations throughout Brantford and Brant County and across Ontario. With different network options to choose from, our clients videos play directly in front of the people and in the places they want to be seen.

Browse the Intrigue network options and make the choice that is right for you and your business. Having difficulty? No problem! Just contact Stella who will be happy to assist you. Delivering your message to the right target market has never been easier!

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

We believe in helping our clients ‘Get Noticed and Get Found’. That’s why we have developed a Network of TVs located in high traffic consumer environments across Ontario, like restaurants, gyms, salons, hotels, medical centres and government offices.

Our TV Network began on the University of Guelph campus in 2004 — today, it stretches from Ajax to Windsor and everywhere in between (even Minto). Use our TV Network Tool at the top of this page to find the TVs in front of your customers.

Stella and Dale's Communities

Stella and Dale's Communities

Brantford Brant Chamber of Commerce
Paris Chamber of Commerce
Women in Business Executive
Brant Women’s Networking Group

 The Professional/Family Network in Brantford

The Professional/Family Network targets young couples, families, and professionals who are active in the community. Displays are located in family-friendly and professional locations. They are also in restaurants, where business and family functions occur.

  The Women’s Network in Brantford

The Women’s Network is entirely devoted to the women who are out frequenting hair salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of new and repeat customers provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a specific audience for repetitive messaging.

  The Medical/Wellness Network (PHSN)

This network offers our clients the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas. It also caters to a very diverse population that is slightly skewed towards seniors throughout the community

The Professional/Family Network in Brantford, Ontario

The Professional Family Network is devoted to targeting young couples, intermediate families, and professionals who are out being active in the community. These displays can be found at local family friendly attractions and in professional environments. You can also see them at many local restaurants, which can be prime gathering places for business discussions and family dining.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Angels Diner – 2 125 King George Rd 1,045
2. Brant Food Centre 94 Grey Street 941
3. Cainsville Tire Discounters 23 Old Onondaga Rd West 611
4. Goo’s Take-out 230 Shellards Lane Unit C6 622
5. Habitat for Humanity Brant 408 Henry St. 589
6. Just Friends Cafe 750 Colborne St east 698
7. The RISE Centre 411 Elgin 1,255
8. The Sanderson Centre 88 Dalhousie Street 1,145
9. The Sherwood Restaurant 799 Colborne Street East 982
10. Tito’s Pizza Brantford 177 Paris Rd 905
11. Wingmaster 70 Erie Ave 491
Total Monthly Traffic: 105,600
Total Monthly Plays: 9,284


The Women’s Network in Brantford, Ontario

This network is aimed at women who are out spending money in salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of repeat customers and new customers provides a great audience for repetitive messaging to a specific target market. People that are looking to get the attention of women in Brantford and Brant Country are best served by this network of TVs. A lot of successful clients include businesses relating to the home.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Adolfo & Robert Galuppi 148 Brant Ave 595
2. Angels Diner 125 King George Rd 1,023
3. Brant Food Centre 94 Grey Street 941
4. Bun Shoppe Bakery 10 King George Road 676
5. Curves 2204699 Ontario Inc. 330 West St 851
6. Happy Nails 177 Paris Rd. 775
7. Petit Gourmet Food Company 415 Fairview Drive 622
8. Strodes BBQ & Deli 403 Fairview Drive 655
9. The Fitness Centre 177 Paris Rd. 1,069
Total Monthly Traffic: 105,000
Total Monthly Plays: 7,205


The Local Business & Tourism Network in Brantford, Ontario

The Tourism Network of Brantford is devoted to showcasing your messages to people who are visiting, dining, and shopping in the city of Brantford.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn & Conference Centre 19 Holiday Drive 1,814
Total Monthly Traffic: 9,000
Total Monthly Plays: 1,814


The Local Business & Tourism Network in Paris, Ontario

As in Brantford, The Tourism Network of Paris is devoted to showcasing your messages to people who are visiting, dining, and shopping in the Town of Paris.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Mary Maxim 75 Scott Ave 1,505
Total Monthly Traffic: 6,200
Total Monthly Plays: 1,505
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