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Meet Vanessa and Zoey

Meet Vanessa and Zoey

Zoey is a passionate leader in the Guelph community and enjoys helping businesses get noticed. In her spare time she can be found on the ice playing hockey, on the trails hiking, or enjoying the company of family and friends.

Vanessa works with local business owners to develop strategic marketing efforts, that help them achieve their goals! Outside of work she is on the board of the United Way, helps connect young professionals through her efforts as a YPN committee member, and spends time with friends and family, travels, and enjoys the odd Martini.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At Intrigue Media, we believe that local businesses need a consistent presence in their community in order to get the attention of local consumers. Our goal is to help our clients get noticed and found in Guelph. That’s why we developed our Community TV Networks throughout the Royal City.

See below for a description of where all of our TVs are located and the type of audience each one is in front of.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

We believe in helping our clients ‘Get Noticed and Get Found’. That’s why we have developed a Network of TVs located in high traffic consumer environments across Ontario, like restaurants, gyms, salons, hotels, medical centres and government offices.

Our TV Network began on the University of Guelph campus in 2004 — today, it stretches from Ajax to Windsor and everywhere in between (even Minto). Use our TV Network Tool at the top of this page to find the TVs in front of your customers.

Vanessa and Zoey's Communities

Vanessa and Zoey's Communities

Guelph Chamber of Commerce
Guelph Young Professionals Network
The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
Taste of Guelph
United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin

 The Professional/Family Network in Kitchener-Waterloo

The Professional/Family Network targets young couples, families, and professionals who are active in the community. Displays are located in family-friendly and professional locations. They are also in restaurants, where business and family functions occur.

  The Women’s Network in Kitchener-Waterloo

The Women’s Network is entirely devoted to the women who are out frequenting hair salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of new and repeat customers provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a specific audience for repetitive messaging.

  The Medical/Wellness Network (PHSN)

This network offers our clients the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas. It also caters to a very diverse population that is slightly skewed towards seniors throughout the community

The Professional/Family Network in Guelph

The Professional Family Network is devoted to targeting young couples, intermediate families, and professionals who are out being active in the Guelph community. These TVs are located at local family friendly attractions and in professional environments as well as at restaurants which are prime gathering places for business discussions and family dining. The TVs are spread across the entire City providing our clients with an even geographical placement for their videos. People that are looking to target both the active, local consumer in and around Downtown Guelph as well as the Southend population would be best served with this network.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Bobby O’Brien’s Irish Pub 90 Macdonell St. 935
2. Boston Pizza 35 Woodlawn Rd. W. 1,047
3. Breezy Corners Restaurant 44 Macdonell St 1,025
4. Eggcetra 200 Victoria St. S. 1,222
5. Global Currency Services 1027 Gordon St. 649
6. Guelph Lake Conservation Centre 7743 Conservation Rd 993
7. Lucky Belly Food Co. 763 Woolwich St. 725
8. McCabe’s Irish Pub 9 Wyndham St. N. 935
9. Montana’s 201 Stone Road West 916
10. Samura Sushi 23 Wellington St E 731
11. Speedpro Imaging 650 Woodlawn Rd W 464
12. Squirrel Tooth Alice’s 649 Scottsdale Dr. 1,489
13. The Western Hotel 72 Macdonnell Street 974
14. Town & Country Restaurant 1 683 Eramosa Rd 993
15. Town & Country Restaurant 2 683 Eramosa Rd 993
16. Uptown Grill 694 Woolwich St 614
17. Woodlawn Bowl 253 Woodlawn West 974
Total Monthly Traffic: 125,700
Total Monthly Plays: 15,679


The Women’s Network in Guelph

This network is aimed at women who are out spending money in salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of repeat customers and new customers provides a great audience for repetitive messaging to a specific target market. People that are looking to get the attention of women in Guelph are best served by this network of TVs. A lot of successful clients include businesses relating to the home (i.e. Kitchen Renovations, Landscaping, Furniture Retail, Trades, and also Clothing Retail).

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Fusion Hair Studio 1460 Gordon St. 622
2. Guelph Saultos 377 College Avenue West 725
3. Guelph Soccer 375 College Ave W 458
4. JC’s Hair Design 1027 Gordon St 709
5. JC’s Hair Design Bullfrog Mall 380 Eramosa Rd 513
6. Malkim Hair Shop 23 Wellington St E 578
7. Stay Fit 259 Grange Rd. 1,833
Total Monthly Traffic: 27,000
Total Monthly Plays: 5,438


The Medical Wellness Network in Guelph

This network offers our clients the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas. It also caters to a very diverse population that is slightly skewed towards seniors throughout the community. Peak traffic periods occur in November, December, January, and February. Health practitioners like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Orthotics Specialists do well utilizing the Network for advertising in Guelph. We also find a lot of success with retirement homes and anyone looking to advertise to Baby Boomers as they are often the ones taking their parents to the Medical Centre.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Applied Biomechanics Orthotics 214 Speedvale Ave W, Unit 7 415
2. Arbour Family Medical Centre Left 281 Stone Road East 450
3. Arbour Family Medical Centre Right 281 Stone Road East 450
4. Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic 83 Dawson Rd 524
5. Downey Medical Centre 115 Downey Road 2 442
6. Guelph Health Group 650 Scottsdale Dr 578
7. Hope Health Centre 21 Yarmouth St 436
8. Westminster Woods Medical Centre 33 Farley Drive #1 485
Total Monthly Traffic: 42,500
Total Monthly Plays: 3,780
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