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Meet Fred

Meet Fred

Fred is a part owner of Intrigue Media in Milton and Oakville. He generates leads for businesses through helping them develop a marketing strategy. His strategies typically involve a mix of online strategies, community visibility and strategic networking.

When Fred is not helping businesses grow he enjoys being involved in the community in any way he can. You will often find him participating in sporting events, volunteering at functions or on the golf course looking for his ball in the woods. Fred also enjoys hanging out with friends and family and solving the rubik’s cube.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At Intrigue Milton, we understand that being top of mind for your customers in the community is a pressing concern for business owners. We believe that by creating a strong message on our network of televisions throughout the town and keeping a consistent presence in Milton, we can help our clients maintain visibility and stay connected with their target audience.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising



Milton Chamber of Commerce
Milton Young Professionals

 The Professional/Family Network in Milton

The Professional/Family Network targets young couples, families, and professionals who are active in the community. Displays are located in family-friendly and professional locations. They are also in restaurants, where business and family functions occur.

  The Women’s Network in Milton

The Women’s Network is entirely devoted to the women who are out frequenting hair salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of new and repeat customers provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a specific audience for repetitive messaging.

  The Medical/Wellness Network (PHSN)

This network offers our clients the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas. It also caters to a very diverse population that is slightly skewed towards seniors throughout the community

The Professional/Family Network in Milton

Our Milton Professional/Family Network has been set up with the changing Milton landscape kept in mind. Many businesses we work with are looking for new ways to connect “New Milton” with “Old Milton”. These TV’s can be found at long standing staples in the community, as well as new, up-and-coming establishments in an effort to connect with both the new and old members of the growing Milton community. The goal of this network is to target young families and professionals who are active, local consumers and create awareness and discussion around our clients’ products and services.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Allegra Spa 181 Main St. E. 529
2. Boston Pizza – Milton 1085 Maple Ave. 1,107
3. Cirque Du Play 525 Main St. E. 775
4. Community Living TV – Nippissing Rd & Thompson Rd 917 Nipissing Road 1,298
5. Fitness Etc. 6901 Derry Road 1,244
6. Hawthorne Cafe 10220 Derry Rd. 818
7. Home Hardware Milton 385 Steeles Ave. E. 960
8. Ivy Arms 201 Main St. E. 1,222
9. Jameel de Stefano 12 Martin St. 600
10. James Snow Storage 8755 Holgate Crescent 611
11. Just for You Salon 575 Ontario St. S. 502
12. Lunchbox Cafe 545
13. Mama Mila’s Cafe 9113 Derry Rd W 916
14. Milton Diagnostic Imaging 75 Main St E. 562
15. Mohawk Chop House 9230 Guelph Line 1,527
16. Mohawk Inn & Conference Centre 9230 Guelph Line 1,069
17. Service Ontario Milton 197 Main Street East 529
18. Snap Fitness 1030 Kennedy Cir. 1,814
19. The Medicine Shoppe 400 Main Street East 251
20. Trail Eatery 35 Crawford Cres. 720
Total Monthly Traffic: 195,900
Total Monthly Plays: 17,599
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