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Meet Fred Scheuer

Meet Fred Scheuer

Fred is a part owner of Intrigue Media in Milton and Oakville. He generates leads for businesses through helping them develop a marketing strategy. His strategies typically involve a mix of online strategies, community visibility and strategic networking.

When Fred is not helping businesses grow he enjoys being involved in the community in any way he can. You will often find him participating in sporting events, volunteering at functions or on the golf course looking for his ball in the woods. Fred also enjoys hanging out with friends and family and solving the rubik’s cube.
Call Fred at (289) 210-1198

Our Approach

Our Approach

Just like the ever growing centre of Oakville, Intrigue Media had an ever growing network of digital displays at numerous locations throughout Oakville. This way, your video plays directly to the people and in the places you want to be heard.

With different options of networks to choose from, delivering the right information to the right people has never been easier. In addition, by getting a choice of networks, you can focus directly on your target market, and not have to worry about your message falling on deaf ears.

Take the time to carefully look at the network options and make the decision that is right for you and your business. Having difficulty? No problem! Just contact us any time and one of our network professionals will be glad to assist you.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

We believe in helping our clients ‘Get Noticed and Get Found’. That’s why we have developed a Network of TVs located in high traffic consumer environments across Ontario, like restaurants, gyms, salons, hotels, medical centres and government offices.

Our TV Network began on the University of Guelph campus in 2004 — today, it stretches from Ajax to Windsor and everywhere in between (even Minto). Use our TV Network Tool at the top of this page to find the TVs in front of your customers.

 The Professional/Family Network in Oakville

The Professional/Family Network targets young couples, families, and professionals who are active in the community. Displays are located in family-friendly and professional locations. They are also in restaurants, where business and family functions occur.

  The Women’s Network in Oakville

The Women’s Network is entirely devoted to the women who are out frequenting hair salons, day spas, and retail environments. The mix of new and repeat customers provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a specific audience for repetitive messaging.

  The Medical/Wellness Network (PHSN)

This network offers our clients the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas. It also caters to a very diverse population that is slightly skewed towards seniors throughout the community

Oakville Video

The Professional/Family Network is devoted to targeting young couples, intermediate families, and professionals who are active in the community. These displays can be found at local family friendly attractions and in professional environments. You can also see them at many local restaurants, which can be a prime gathering place for business discussions and family dining.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Anytime Fitness 511 Maple Grove Dr. 1,814
2. Anytime Fitness – Kerr St 579 Kerr St 1,795
3. Boston Pizza – Oakville 270 North Service Rd W 1,091
4. Bronte Sports Kitchen 2544 Speers Rd 946
5. Busy Bodies 245 Wyecroft Road 840
6. Dr. Simon Pong’s Family Dentistry 187 Cross Ave. 480
7. El Spero Restaurant 2420 Lakeshore Rd. W 1,069
8. Glen Abbey Dental Office 1500 Upper Middle Rd. W. 513
9. Hopedale Bowl 1515 Rebecca St. 747
10. JNB Auto Centre 294 Wyecroft Rd 535
11. Kukapelli’s Barber Shop 560 Kerr St. 633
12. Nino Panino 438 Kerr St. #5 644
13. Oakville Indoor Golf Centre 461 North Service Road West, Units B20 & B21 0
14. Primal Athletics 791
15. Talio Salon and Spa 2520 Postmaster Dr 404
16. The Lounge Salon 154 Kerr St 425
17. Vincent’s 2 Barber Shop 526 Postridge Dr. 605
Total Monthly Traffic: 51,700
Total Monthly Plays: 13,331


The Medical/Wellness Network in Oakville

The Medical/Wellness Network offers the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas of a variety of medical oriented offices. It also delivers your message to a very diverse part of the population that is largely made up of our senior citizens throughout the city of Oakville.

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. MCI The Doctors Office 1011 Upper Middle Rd. E.,Oakville,Ontario 436
2. Oakville Diagnostic Imaging 1235 Trafalgar Rd #B4,Oakville,Ontario 436
3. Oakville Diagnostic Imaging 1235 Trafalgar Rd #B2 ,Oakville,Ontario 436
Total Monthly Traffic: 10,777
Total Monthly Plays: 1,309


Service Ontario Oakville

Location Address Monthly Plays
1. Service Ontario Oakville 105 Cross Avenue 502
Total Monthly Traffic: 18,000
Total Monthly Plays: 502
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