What is branding?

Branding is the marketing practice of creating a logo design and colour scheme to represent your company. The goal of branding is to establish consistency in the design work of your organization, across multiple mediums and initiatives. An effective brand can help your name stand out in the marketplace and give your business an edge over your competitors.

How does branding work?

At Intrigue Media, we begin our branding process by learning about your business, your purpose, your vision, and your values.

A great brand will align with the purpose of your organization and naturally attract people who share your belief and attitudes — your A-Clients.

Create a new brand for your business today.

Your brand is important

Your brand represents your organization. Having a brand that is unrecognizable or outdated can have a huge impact on the visibility of your organization. You want your brand to be recognizable, so people will see it and associate it with you.

Your brand should do justice to your business. Great brands will be able to convey information directly to the viewer. What type of business is this? What are they like to work with? How will their products or services compare to their competitors? Are they tried and trusted?

A brand does not become great overnight. Most people assume that branding is a diving contest — who makes the biggest splash? But it’s actually a swimming contest — who can keep their head above water for the longest time. The question you should be asking is whether your brand has longevity.

The value of a branding guide

Your business’ branding guide is a reference document for the style of your company’s brand.

Branding guides typically include examples of acceptable logos, recommended typefaces, and official colours with corresponding hex codes or Pantone ® numbers. Branding guides will specify what your brand should look like in different media, such as print vs. web marketing materials.

Brand guides may also describe the grammar, tone, and word usage for your brand. For example, if you have a slogan associated with your brand like Get Noticed, Get Found®, then this may be included in a branding guide.

Intrigue Media can create a customized branding guide for your business.

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