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For over a decade, we have helped organizations build and enhance customer engagement with the power of digital media.
Do you want to attract the right clients to your business? Do you want to find your A-Clients?

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Intrigue helps businesses Get Noticed. Get Found.®

Harnessing the influence of social media, online advertising, website creation, brand development, and video and graphic design will grow your audience and build your business.

Our inhouse team of experts will work with you to achieve your business goals. We will also help you build out your vision, values, and services — these are the keys to getting your business the attention it deserves.

Intrigue is focused on your success and growing your business. Have a look around the website to learn more about our service offerings and connect with us to start the conversation.

The team at Intrigue always deliver. They do what they say they’re going to do and they take the time to understand what we’re trying to do at Bigelow Flooring. We have worked with a lot of ‘marketing’ companies, but no one has delivered like these guys. Thank you Intrigue and keep it up!!

– Garth Bigelow
Bigelow Flooring

About Intrigue

Intrigue is a Canadian-owned company specializing in full-service digital marketing. Founded on a commitment to empower leaders and strengthen communities, campaigns are focused on helping businesses succeed. Intrigue provides website design and development, brand strategy and logo creation, online advertising, social media and email marketing, business blogging, graphic design, SEO services, video advertising and production, reporting and analytics, and leader building. Intrigue is well known for its community involvement and its commitment to helping businesses Get Noticed, Get Found®


The story of Intrigue began in 2004 when Paul Demarco and Rob Murray met at the University of Guelph. Paul and Rob were both enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce Program and were, co-incidentally, living in the same residence — this afforded them the chance to spend a lot of time together brainstorming business ideas.

During this time, Paul’s Father, Joe Demarco, had an idea to promote businesses by having their logos on the bottoms of mirrors in hair salons. While this particular idea didn’t find traction, his second idea did. Joe thought that TVs, which were becoming less expensive, would serve as a better advertising tool than mirrors. TVs could be placed at local salons between the mirrors to help advertise the business where the TV was installed as well as other local businesses. Known as Hare Media, they had some success with TVs on the University of Guelph campus and in downtown Guelph. A few months later, Rob left to study abroad and Hare Media paused.

In 2006, when Rob returned to Guelph, he got back in touch with Paul and they began discussing how to expand their business to include more than just hair salons. They wanted to branch out and connect TV advertising with a broader audience to support more businesses and connect the local community.

After brainstorming a variety of names for their expanded business venture they decided they wanted something captivating, but the name Captive Media was already taken. Then, through the magic of the thesaurus, the word intrigue was discovered. And with that…Intrigue was born.

Over the years, Intrigue has grown both in size and in service offerings. As the digital landscape changed, so has the company.

Intrigue is focused on offering a wealth of digital marketing services including: Video, Social Media, and Email advertising; Website Design and Development; Web Analytics; Business Blogging; Google Adwords; Graphic Design; Brand and Logo Services; SEO Services; and Leader Building.

To this day, Rob and Paul have remained true to their commitment to build community and help businesses succeed. Over the years, Intrigue has grown to support businesses throughout Guelph and across the province — and the plan is to keep on growing.