Using Social Media for Your Arts & Crafts Business

At Intrigue Media, we believe that everyone should have access to world class marketing without a big budget. This is especially important for small businesses.

With the increased prevalence of arts & crafts-centric websites like Etsy, more and more people are able to turn their hobbies into a business. Etsy is an online marketplace that allows people to set up their own shops and sell their products directly to their customers. Knitters, jewelry makers, artists, carpenters—all kinds of creative people are turning to Etsy to sell their products. And the best part about Etsy is that you don’t need a storefront, which significantly lowers your overhead costs.

But if you have an Etsy store, it can be tricky to know how to market your small, niche business. That’s where social media makes a huge difference.

Social media is a powerful tool for showing your creativity through images and text, and there are a ton of platforms you can use to connect with people who want to buy your products, as well as like-minded store owners. Here are a few tips:

  • Pinterest is a great way to market crafty goods. To optimize your presence on Pinterest and maximize engagement, try to pin regularly and consistently.
  • Don’t just pin your own products—pin stuff you like, and images from people who have similar interests and other professionals in your field. In short: pin things that represent who you are.
  • Variety is key! Pinning from different sources attracts more people.
  • Be smart with your captions for your pins; a simple caption or title that describes the image you’re pinning is all you need.
  • Similarly, Instagram is an invaluable tool for your small business. Instagram allows you to represent your images and products the way you want them to look: if you make vintage-inspired crafts, add a vintage filter to really get that across.
  • Follow people or businesses that are similar to yours or ones that you admire to really build a network of customers and fellow crafters, and use industry-related hashtags to really get peoples’ attention.
  • You can use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for contests to reward your followers! Just make sure that you review the rules for hosting a contest on each social media platform.

It’s important to have fun with social media when promoting your business, especially if you’re a creative person. You want to let your creativity shine through. That’s why Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms for artists and crafters.

Happy crafting!

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