7 Things This Copywriter Has Learned In A Marketing Internship

I recently graduated from Humber College’s Copywriting program, but I decided to explore marketing when looking for an internship. I am lucky enough to have landed one with Intrigue Media! I have been interning for nearly a month now and feel that I am growing and learning a lot. Here are 7 things that have both surprised me as well as helped me develop insight into marketing:

1. Strategy is Everything

Listen, understand, listen more, and try to get all the information you possibly can about your client, their needs, and the industry that they’re a part of. You can’t begin a proper strategy without understanding your clients needs and knowing what is in the realm of possibility.

2. Ideas Come After Strategy

We know that strategy is crucial. Creative ideas are the difference between a good campaign and one that doesn’t get attention. Ideas must be on strategy in order to generate buzz with the appropriate audience.

3. More is Better

Work, write, rework, and rewrite. Come up with bad ideas, okay ideas, and eventually you will find a GREAT one.

4. Don’t Be Finicky About Details

Luckily enough for me, at my internship I was told not to stress out about getting everything perfect right away, but instead, the sooner you make mistakes the sooner you will learn.

5. Team Unity Throughout The Entire Process

One of the interesting aspects that I have found within the first few days as an intern is how closely everyone works together, at all stages of the campaign. The support from Accounts, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and all is unlike my preconceived notions about different departments. Teamwork is necessary, encouraging, and inspiring.

6. Get Things Done Early

The earlier in your campaign you get things done, the more time that you will have to improve on it before its deadline. Cross that to-do list off instead of starting numerous projects at once. Better to finish one project than to have nine started.

7. Leadership Building

A great benefit to interning at Intrigue Media is that there is a HUGE focus on building all of your skills. Learn, acknowledge flaws, and strive towards being the best version of yourself. A well-balanced leader will not only live a successful and fulfilling life, but they will be able to help their clients towards meeting their goals.

If you would like to learn more about us at Intrigue Media, please contact us here! We would love to hear from you.

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