AdWords Success Story: Stephenson’s Rental

We helped Stephenson’s Rental get noticed and found in Google search results with a Google AdWords campaign. Keep reading to learn more about our strategy behind the success.

Stephenson’s Rental is a Canadian equipment rental company. They have been supplying trades, small businesses, and DIYers in Ontario with equipment and tools for over 60 years. Stephenson’s believes in empowering their clients by giving them access to tools and equipment so they can get the project done. They also offer specialty services such as equipment repair and safety training.
This is the logo for the tool & equipment rental company called Stephenson's Rental.

We began working with Stephenson’s Rental In March 2016. Their goal was to grow their reputation of being a market leader in equipment rental for home owners and professionals alike. Stephenson’s wanted to find a way to get found online when facing national competitors. We recommended a Google AdWords campaign to help them get to the top of Google for the tools and equipment they offer.

We decided to go with both a broad and focused strategy when it came to choosing keywords to bid on. We created ad groups for broad terminology such as “tool rental” as well as ads that were focused on specific tools and equipment they offer such as “chainsaw rental”. When people search Google to find a solution to their problem, they tend to click on the search result that is the most relevant to what they are searching for. We can help these users find the solution to their problem by creating Google AdWords ads for specific tools and equipment, including the target geography, and a call to action.

Screenshot of a Google AdWords chainsaw rental ad from Stephenson's Rental in Ontario

This approach was very successful. The AdWords campaign is now the second highest source of traffic to their website. The campaign works so well because it is giving Google users exactly what they are looking for. The user is happy, and Stephenson’s is happy to be getting in front of a user that they know they can help. The high relevance between the user’s Google search to the ad copy results in a low average cost per click and a low bounce rate at 31%.

Stephenson’s is receiving over 50 phone calls a month from AdWords and are getting even more quote completions from AdWords through their website. We are happy to be a part of helping Ontarians connect with a local business and get the solutions they are looking for.

For more information on Google AdWords, read Steph’s blog about why businesses use this marketing platform.

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