5 Simple Strategies for Best Practice Social Media Marketing

When I began interning with Intrigue Media a couple of months ago, I had little experience with social media marketing. As an intern, I have the opportunity to see how businesses use social media, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at their marketing plans. The following are some tips that I find useful when it comes to best practice social media marketing:

1. Always Have a Call to Action (CTA)

CTA’s are one of the most important components of any advertisement. Viewer’s need to be told what their next steps should be; whether it is to “click here”, “read this”, or “call us now”. Your potential customer needs to be told explicitly what you want them to do after seeing your post.

2. Transparency Speaks to People

Transparency can do wonders for your brand’s image. It makes you look honest. Honesty is said to be the most important quality that is looked for in a leader. So, lead your (literal) followers towards engaging with your brand on social media, by providing them with content that is honest and useful.

3. Present a United Front

Provide complementary appearances between your posts and landing pages. An integrated campaign should have a cohesive look. If a viewer follows your CTA and learns more about your post, it is because it invoked a feeling within them. That feeling could have been excitement, happy, or sheer curiosity, but what you need to do is remind them of that feeling when they reach your landing page. You can do this by having a consistent appearance.

4.  There is Nothing Wrong With Re-Using Content

You take chances and spend money when creating new content. So, if that content has been proven successful, still relevant, and a sufficient amount of time has lapsed since its last post, then why wouldn’t you use it again? It has proven to be effective and cost efficient to reuse content.

5.  Quality over Quantity

Posting important and aesthetically pleasing content is the perfect combination to attract engagement on social media. When organizations try to create a brand image online it can be easy to go a little overboard. One may think that by constantly getting their name “out there”, people will naturally recognize them and follow them. This is not the case. Your goal should always be to position yourself as engaging, not annoying.

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