November 13, 2020

By Nate

Is your marketing attracting your ideal clients – those clients who need your services, have the means to avail of them, and whom you want to work with — or are you mostly getting tire kickers who end up wasting your time?

In our 10+ years of experience helping landscaping entrepreneurs rock their marketing, one of the most common concerns we hear is the following:

“We’re getting a lot of leads, but most of them end up being dead ends. They’re tire kickers who say “I’ll get back to you” and never do, and our team ends up wasting a bunch of time.”

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We’re willing to bet that if you could be spending more time with your ideal clients and less time with unqualified leads — those who kick up a fuss, suck up your time, and don’t see the value of your work — your business would be in a very different position.

The question, then, is how do you attract more of your ideal clients right out of the gate and on a more regular basis? 

In this video, our marketing expert Vanessa shares stories and best practices from two of our landscaping clients who — by tweaking their messaging to better appeal to their target audience — were able to drastically increase their revenues while cutting back on their time!

The key to remember is that you WANT to repel your unqualified leads to free up more of your time to better serve your ideal clients. If you’re interested in attracting more of your ideal clients (or A-clients, as we like to call them) get in touch with the team at Intrigue to get started today.

Nate works to drive Intrigue's growth goals through data-driven inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs free up their time so that they can focus on what they do best: run amazing companies. You can usually catch him riding his mountain bike or devouring a slice of pizza.

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