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Woman using best practice social media marketing for her business in Canada

5 Simple Strategies for Best Practice Social Media Marketing

When I began interning with Intrigue Media a couple of months ago, I had little experience with social media marketing. As an intern, I have the opportunity to see how businesses use social media, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at their marketing plans. The following are some tips that I find useful when it […]

Woman who is online consumer buys what she can find online

Online Consumers Will Only Buy What They Can Find

  Simple concept? Yes. Easy task? No. As an online retailer, you already know how much work went into moving your store online; it’s a big job, and the work does not end there. It is your responsibility to ensure that your site is running efficiently, and providing what shoppers expect when purchasing on an […]


7 Things This Copywriter Has Learned In A Marketing Internship

I recently graduated from Humber College’s Copywriting program, but I decided to explore marketing when looking for an internship. I am lucky enough to have landed one with Intrigue Media! I have been interning for nearly a month now and feel that I am growing and learning a lot. Here are 7 things that have […]