June 12, 2018

By Aphra Zimmerman-Holy

If you have a business and you want to showcase your services, products, team, or location, then you need to work with a professional photographer to ensure that you are capturing your business in the best way possible.

Here are three sentences you never want to hear when discussing photos for your business:

“My phone’s got a really good camera. I can grab some shots.”

“My nephew’s studying photography at school, I think he could do the shoot.”

“Why do we need a photographer? Can’t we just use stock images and Photoshop them?”

If you want to attract, engage, and grow your business, then you need quality photography. If you want to project authenticity, then stock photos will not achieve this goal.

Studies show that people form a first impression in 50 milliseconds, and consumers have emotional reactions to ads and imagery. Don’t risk compromising your quality brand with poor quality images.

Professional Photography Prices

Professional Photography PricesBack view of photographer taking object shots with assistant in studio interior. photoshoot backstage

People often underestimate the costs associated with professional photography. There is some misunderstanding about what it takes to produce quality photos. Having a camera on your phone and knowing how to point-and-shoot doesn’t make you a good photographer.

Professional photography isn’t cheap — and for good reason. A photographer will have a substantial amount of high-quality equipment and cameras, years of training and experience, and the software and skills to adjust, touch-up, or edit your images before sending them to you.

Fun Fact:
Most photographers use between $3,000 and $12,000 worth of equipment during a single shoot.

While every photographer is different and will have a different style, a good photographer will have what is called a ‘good eye’. A good eye means that they will know how to capture a shot with the right lenses, angles, and lighting to capture the subject matter in a creative and effective way — and having a good eye is priceless.

Images have the power to instantly connect with consumers. This point of connection is integral to building customer trust and confidence, and will help to move people along the customer journey to a conversion or a sale.

Bad Photography Will Cost You Money

Bad Photography Will Cost You Money- Closeup portrait business man with glasses having visual problems with what he is looking at on his laptop

Bad photography doesn’t build customer confidence in your business. Just ask yourself: When was the last time you decided to buy a pair of pants, book a hotel, or request landscaping services based on blurry, poorly-shot, and low-quality photos? The answer is, never.

We’ve had many businesses tell us that they were disappointed and frustrated with poor quality images that weren’t helping their business — after choosing to go with the cheapest option for photography. The truth is, if you use low quality images on your website or in your marketing, it will cost you money because you will be losing business.

You want to work with a professional photographer because, unlike a hobbyist, this is their business and they are invested in your satisfaction. They are working for you, and their goal is to produce images that you will be proud of and can use to grow your business.

Sure, you can hire your neighbour or your buddy, but you will get what you pay for — and you’re unlikely to get the best results.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography- Young man using a professional camera

A professional photographer will:

  1. Ask you questions about your goals, needs, and audience to ensure that they capture the right shots.
  2. Take the time to advise you on what will work best for your situation.
  3. Guide you through what is needed, and not needed, for your shoot.
  4. Plan out a full shoot itinerary.
  5. Provide all the necessary lighting, cameras, and equipment.
  6. Have the expertise to use their equipment effectively.
  7. Use their skills and spend the time to get quality shots.
  8. Offer editing and touch-up services, as requested.
  9. Ensure that your time is respected and deadlines are met.
  10. Stand by their work and follow-up with you.

If you want to update your photography, or are looking to have professional photos taken, contact the team at Intrigue. We offer in-house, professional, and fully-equipped photography services to help you boost your business.

Aphra supports businesses by writing and editing creative and strategic content for marketing campaigns. She also assists Intrigue's content marketing team to ensure that high-quality content is being delivered across a variety of services, including strategic messaging, branding, websites, design, email, social, blogs, and video production. Recognized for her strength in communication and collaboration, she is focused on achieving clients' goals and engaging audiences. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and going to theatre and concerts.

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