October 13, 2021

By Vanessa McQuade

Kerr & Kerr Landscaping is a family run business that had hit a plateau. When Dave (the owner) first approached our landscape marketing agency, he was looking for ways to take his business to the next level.

When we first started working with Dave, he was mostly relying on word of mouth (a key element to any successful business), a few traditional marketing pieces (like print and coupon clippers), and a website that wasn’t generating much business.

Dave is an old school guy — so to say he was skeptical about some of our digital marketing solutions would be an understatement. Over the years, we have built a great relationship and he trusts us as his landscape marketing agency because our “crazy ideas” continue to pay off.

We have worked with Kerr & Kerr Landscaping for over six years now and have had the pleasure of helping their business grow from season to season.

Here are a few wins that Kerr & Kerr has experienced by hiring Intrigue as their landscape marketing partner:

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Rebranded Website & Logo:

Kerr & Kerr Logo- Intrigue

Kerr & Kerr Landscaping wanted to ensure that their brand and website reflected their authority and expertise in the industry.

We started by taking a look at the old site design and logo to establish the clients’ wish list. The goal was to update the look and maintain brand recognition.

For the website, they wanted to add more visuals and focus on their great client testimonials. They were looking to update and modernize their logo while still keeping their iconic Kerr & Kerr tree.

During our initial meeting, we discussed the layout of the new website and what would be emphasized on the homepage. This would include a significantly larger selection of images to showcase their projects.

The Results of the Redesign

The new Kerr & Kerr website expanded from a confined space on the webpage to a full-width site style, focusing on imagery and client stories. We also incorporated adjustments that were specifically requested by the client. This included:

  • A larger logo in the navigation.
  • More emphasis on the company slogan: Quality is our promise.
  • Providing the words, Landscape Consultation, a prominent position on the navigation.

The new branding carried over the green from the original, as well as the silhouette of the tree. Other adjustments included:

  • Removing the yellow stroke around the logo design.
  • Creating two versions of the logo layout so that it can be used in different ways when appropriate.
  • Reducing the amount of text in the logo — specifically removing “& Property Maintenance Inc”.

In the end, we achieved the goal of developing a more modern brand style that aligned with the old look so as to maintain brand consistency.

Increasing Traffic & Leads:

Kerr & Kerr Leads- Intrigue

Our design and development of a new website — and the changes we had made to his digital marketing — resulted in significant traffic and leads.

In fact, we saw a 40% increase in traffic year-over-year.

This year (data from February 1st to September 31st) shows that Kerr & Kerr:

  • Attracted more than 7,000 visits to their website
  • Generated nearly 200 contact form inquiries (which doesn’t even include the phone calls that were generated)

Business was booming and, after checking with Dave to see how things were going, he reported, “We’re so busy! We are booking up way farther in advance then we have before.”

Generating Landscaping  Leads Through Facebook Ads:

Kerr & Kerr Facebook Leads- Intrigue

Over this same time frame, traffic to the new website increased by over 85% compared to last year and 75% more leads came in via the contact form.

Dave was so wowed by the power of social media advertising, he said, “I hate to say it, but you were right about recommending Facebook. We had someone come to us who said they didn’t know about us before but came to us because they saw so many of our Facebook ads showcasing our beautiful work.”

Not only did this lead come through Facebook, which was music to our ears, but the project was worth well over $150,000!

Improving SEO With Landscaping Blog Content:

Kerr & Kerr Blogs Driving Traffic- Intrigue

The power of blog writing is amazing. We wrote several blog posts for Kerr & Kerr Landscaping and the results speak for themselves. The blog post 10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Landscaper got:

  • Over 850 views
  • 776 visits to their website (the majority of which were organic)

This means that, the blog we wrote helped over 700 people find Kerr & Kerr’s website. When these people typed a Google search with a question about hiring a landscaper, Kerr & Kerr showed up in their search results. Google loves locally relevant blogs and this was proof of the power of having strategic blog content on your website to improve SEO over time.

The combination of a new website, new brand, integrated advertising, and original blog writing combined to create a very successful campaign for Kerr & Kerr.

Side note: Kerr & Kerr Landscaping got so busy that Dave needed our help to hire an Office Manager to help take some work off his plate. He is very excited about this new development!

If you’re reading this and you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that delivers results, like Dave did, give us a call to start the conversation.

Download the FREE Guide to generating more leads!

Vanessa works with local business owners to develop strategic marketing efforts that help them achieve their goals! Outside of work she is on the Board of the United Way, she helps connect young professionals through her efforts as a YPN committee member, and she enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling, and the odd Martini.

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