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What should I blog about for my business?

What Should I Blog About?

This is a question we get asked often. Some people love the idea of blogging, but when it comes to writing a blog they get overwhelmed and it is often one of those things that gets pushed off (I am even guilty of this, this blog took me way longer to write than I want […]

2017 Marketing Trends

2017 Marketing Trends

With 2016 coming to an end, 2017 is rapidly approaching – in the world of digital marketing this means growth online will continue to accelerate into the new year. 2016 showed tremendous changes with social platforms merging, new features appearing and video becoming a game changer. Digital media will continue to dominate in the marketing space […]

Homepage of the Sula Indian Restaurant website in Vancouver

Twice the Emails in Half the Time: Sula Indian Restaurant’s Campaign

Over the past several months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Sula Indian Restaurant and their amazing team. Our partnership first started when Sula realized that they wanted to focus their time on running the popular downtown Vancouver restaurant. Sula was feeling like many businesses often do. It can be a juggling act to […]

Intrigue Media Guelph Team Culture

Importance of a Strong Team Culture

It truly is rewarding coming into the office on a daily basis excited and looking forward to your day! A positive and strong organizational culture can make this a reality.  The culture of your organization is essentially its DNA. Thankfully, there has been a rise in focusing on organizational behaviour to make the workplace a […]

The power of video advertising on display across different platforms in Ontario

The Power of Video for Your Business

Video is popping up more and more in our daily lives, especially online and in our communities. We utilize video to be able to capture a story and communicate messages. Whether we like it or not, our culture is turning into one that is time starved, and the more efficient something is, the better it […]