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Search blogging to find out why it's a huge part of Intrigue Media's company culture

Why Blogging is a Huge Part of Our Company Culture

At Intrigue Media, we truly believe in the power of blogging. It is an incredibly useful tool, that is often overlooked. But to fully understand the special place that blogging occupies in our hearts, we need to explain our history with blogging and why we encourage all small businesses to start blogging now! (more…)


7 Things This Copywriter Has Learned In A Marketing Internship

I recently graduated from Humber College’s Copywriting program, but I decided to explore marketing when looking for an internship. I am lucky enough to have landed one with Intrigue Media! I have been interning for nearly a month now and feel that I am growing and learning a lot. Here are 7 things that have […]

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What Westworld Has Taught Me About SEO Copywriting

We’re currently 3 episodes into the first season of HBO’s newest creation Westworld. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard whispers of this latest hit over the Internet. With so much online attention after only a few episodes, Westworld is already positioned to challenge Game of Thrones for its… throne? Based on a […]

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Content Marketing: Your Blogging Strategy

What is content marketing? When I entered the marketing world, I immediately noticed that the term ‘content marketing’ got used a lot online—on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on marketing blogs. Maybe you’ve also encountered it too—and been just as confused by it. What does it mean? What does it look like in practice? In this article, […]

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6 Tips For Running A Social Media Campaign

Nowadays social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. Trying to stay on top of your content can get a little tricky though. However, if you follow these 6 easy steps I believe you’ll be on the path to success when it comes to your social media campaign. (more…)

Intrigue and Montessori School of Wellington – Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential

At Intrigue, we have a unique working environment. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and grow as leaders. The environment promotes self growth and encourages us to reach our full potential. We work together as a team to provide the best possible service for our clients and celebrate their successes as much as they do. […]

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The Shared Vision of Intrigue Media & the United Way

At Intrigue, we love it when our vision and work is aligned with the vision of our clients. United Way is the perfect example of this! For 75 years, United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin has worked to meet the needs of our community. Their mission is to address both existing and emerging social problems, in […]

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Silver Bullet Bar-B-Q Website: Communicating Deliciousness

  Silver Bullet Bar-B-Q is one of the biggest names at Canadian ribfests. They travel across Ontario and the East Coast every summer, hitting dozens of ribfests and bringing their delicious ribs and BBQ to adoring fans everywhere. So when we designed their new website, we knew there were a few things we wanted to […]


How to Increase the Productivity of Your Content Team

I recently watched a webinar put on by Uperflip discussing how to increase the productivity of your content team. As a member of the content team at Intrigue, I found that there were numerous takeaways that I wanted to share with my team and anyone else who is part of a content team! (more…)

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How to become a great copywriter

  So you want to be a copywriter. Lots of people can be–and are–copywriters. But not all copywriters are created equal. So what makes someone a good copywriter? Creativity is unequivocally the most important characteristic of a good copywriter. You need to be able to think of topics on the fly, craft stories and write […]