November 12, 2021

By Robert Murray

If you’re looking to close more B2B contracts for your commercial landscaping business, a good place to focus your efforts is on email. According to Hubspot, email marketing consistently delivers a return on investment of 38:1 for B2B businesses.

In this blog, we’ll look at how to:

  • Use gated content to attract high quality prospects
  • Build a list of high-intent contacts
  • Reach out via email to get responses

When done right, email marketing can put your lead generation on autopilot and drive sales for the commercial side of your landscape business.

Let’s get started.

Understanding The Buyer Funnel

Understanding the buyer funnel is an important step to reaching your lead generation goals. Take a look at the diagram below.

The Buyer's Funnel

The vast majority of companies focus on the third stage of the funnel — the Convert & Purchase stage — while neglecting the earlier stages. The issue with this approach is that it only reaches a limited part of the available market.

The goal is to line up your marketing content with every stage of the buyer funnel. The first and second stages are much larger than the third and therefore present a greater opportunity to capture market share.

  1. Attract & Engage: Prospects are seeking information about their problem.
  1. Nurture & Educate: Prospects are looking for a solution to their problem.
  1. Convert & Purchase: Prospects are ready to make a decision and buy.
  1. Adopt & Retain: Customers are experiencing their purchase.
  1. Expansion & Loyalty: Customers are ready to buy more from you.
  1. Advocate & Ambassador: Customers are telling others about you.

Email marketing is particularly effective for the Nurture & Educate stage of the buyer funnel. Once prospects have converted into customers, email can also be used for the Expansion & Loyalty stage to drive even more sales from existing customers.

Now, let’s look at how to build your list of commercial landscaping contacts.

Offer Gated Content

Guides, checklists, and downloadable resources are a great way to share your expertise and offer value to your prospects. It also gives them an easy, low-commitment opportunity to familiarize themselves with your company.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the most common questions you get from prospects?
  • What tips, best practices, and maintenance suggestions can you offer?
  • Where can you add value to your potential customers?

Once you identify these areas, you can create resources that act as gated content, meaning that users need to input their contact information in order to receive your offer.

For example, we offer the Guide to generating B2B leads for commercial landscape companies.

The Guide to generating B2B leads

In addition, your guide can be broken into several keyword-optimized blog posts that live on your website and can be included in your email newsletters. Each blog post can be broken down further into shorter LinkedIn posts. That way, your guide is driving your content and lead generation strategy for the next several months.

Here is an example of a free downloadable resource that we developed for a client of ours, CSL Group, on How to Maintain & Increase Your Property’s Value.

CSL's gated content

Once a contact downloads your guide, they should be added to an automated 3-5 part drip campaign to nurture them. This leads them further down the funnel towards consideration and eventually the Convert & Purchase stage.

Offering gated content will generate high quality prospects who are interested in your business, but the strategy does take time. If you’re looking for faster results, you can pay to create lists of high-intent contacts you can reach out to right away.

Build your List of High-Intent Contacts

When it comes to email marketing, it’s no secret that the money is in the list. The key is to understand the value of your email contacts and to scale from there.

Let’s say that you have a list of 500 contacts and that from that list, you scored a $10,000 contract. That means that each contact on your list is worth $20. This knowledge gives you the ability to invest in building your list.

Set a goal of reaching 1,000 contacts by the end of next quarter and assign an owner to ensure it happens. Once you get there, set a new target. Once you’ve built your email list to 5,000+ contacts, you only need a 1% conversion rate to acquire 5 new customers.

You can use a paid service such as Zoominfo or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find contacts by industry, staff size, role, geography, function, and more. This allows you to build a list of highly targeted prospects that you can start reaching out to.

When emailing prospects, the key is to add value and insights. We are not talking about spam here. We’re talking about an ethical and scalable approach to growing your business and helping your customers.

Emailing Your List

There are a lot of great resources when it comes to copywriting. Great Leads is a classic and one of our favorites for direct response marketing. One of the key principles in this book is:

The less people know about you, the more INdirect you need to be. The more they know about you, the more direct you can be.

So, if you’re sending emails to people you haven’t met before, this needs to be taken into consideration, and we get back to being customer-centric and problem-focused.

Sending articles, resources, or an invitation to an exclusive event that addresses your core customers’ biggest pain points is going to go a lot farther than asking if someone is interested in getting a quote.

Keep your emails short, to-the-point, and value-oriented. In our experience, some of the best subject lines with the highest open rates include:

Subject line: A free resource for you

Subject line: You’re invited to an exclusive event

Subject line: How X company got Y result

Subject line: No BS, (First Name)

To learn how to grow your network of prospects on LinkedIn, check out this blog.

Email marketing has helped many of our commercial landscaping clients nurture more B2B prospects and close more contracts. Interested in tapping into the opportunities that email can create for your business? Contact Intrigue today to get the conversation started.

Rob is an action junkie at Intrigue. When he isn’t meeting with clients to create marketing campaigns to grow their business, he is meeting with Chuck Norris to find out how he became the king of action. Rob is part of the Young Professionals Network of Guelph and the Master Planning Steering Committee for the Guelph General Hospital. When Rob isn’t working, he works on finding new ways to catapult himself through the air.

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