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Zoey Taylor

Here at Intrigue, the products and services that we provide for our clients are always changing. With all this change we are continually seeking out new ways of getting businesses noticed and found by their ideal clients or customers. Some great avenues we use today to do that are video advertising, social media, and online marketing.

Video advertising was designed as a new way of getting local businesses in front of their end consumers. We place TV’s in high traffic locations, where people are out investing in their communities, in order to generate top of mind awareness for businesses.

Sani Bin in Guelph is a great example of how getting in front of consumers in their community has helped their business. As a solution to a newly developed problem, they began providing garbage bin cleaning services in 2014 to Guelph and then moved on to Peel, Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon residents after.

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Social media is exactly what it says it is, a way for people to socialize across a form of media. When we are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram we are actively seeking out new information, from who got a new puppy this week to news from around the world. We are often open to what we are being exposed to on these various platforms and this can be utilized by businesses in order to get in front of people who are going to engage with their brand.

There are many areas for social media to exist online and a common trend across all of them is that they provide a platform for communities of like-minded individuals from around the world to interact. In the case of Restoration Design, a Canada-based manufacturer of high quality replacement sheet metal for vintage Porsche automobiles, they were able to capitalize on this concept and attract Porsche enthusiasts from around the world. Getting found on Facebook for these guys brought them from 745 likes to 6938 like in a 12 month period.

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How do I get to the top of Google?

Lots of people are asking this age old question when it comes to their online presence.

Why do we place such significance on this? Simple. Supply and demand. More people are going to Google everyday to do their research and get the information they are looking for. As a consumer we engage with websites and blogs and other online resources. This is why it is important for businesses to be present where their consumers are going to find them.

People can begin to develop an online presence and often start with the foundation, the website. Malkim Hair Salon in Guelph has been working on getting to the top of Google and have experienced great results with this. When you search for ‘hair salon Guelph’, Malkim comes up as the first organic result.


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From generating brand awareness in a physical community, to building an online community through social media platforms, or getting you to the top of Google, there are many ways to go about getting your business noticed and found.

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