June 9, 2015

By Intrigue

Giving back has been a core part of Intrigue since it’s inception. We love sponsoring events for a number of reasons that I’m excited to share!

Our purpose is to empower leaders to strengthen communities. By helping organizations with their marketing, we can help grow other organizations and allow those leaders to do what they do best and not worry about marketing. Using our marketing skills to spread the word about events lets the organizers do what they do best: put on a super sweet event that benefits the community! Sponsoring events shows that we stand behind our purpose – this isn’t just lip service.

Sponsoring events also helps create new relationships and partnerships. I love when we get new requests for sponsorships. Each request holds the potential for a new relationship with someone in the community; organizations, individuals, other sponsors, vendors, and speakers. In some cases, a one-time request for an event sponsorship has turned into long-term community partnerships.

imageEnriching community through event sponsorship helps motivate our team members. Yes, we are a marketing company, but marketing isn’t the reason we come to work each morning. People are. Every one of our team members is a part of Intrigue because they believe in building unique, strong, vibrant, communities. We definitely don’t sponsor events for the plaques, but if we get one, we hang it up in our office as a reminder of WHY we do what we do. It’s important for all of us that our company gives back.

Finally, sponsoring events helps connect us with like-minded individuals and organizations. We are always looking for people and businesses that believe in community the same way we do. These usually turn into the best business relationships for us (our ‘A’ clients).

I’m so glad sponsorship is a part of what we do – and I’m thrilled that it always will be!

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorships, you can visit our sponsorship page here, or give us a call at 519-265-4933.

Intrigue is a Canadian digital marketing company delivering solutions to help businesses get noticed and found. Guided by a commitment to empower leaders to strengthen communities, Intrigue offers website design and development, branding, online advertising, content marketing, graphic design, video production, SEO, and analytics. Take your marketing to the next level and Get Noticed. Get Found.® intrigueme.ca

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