I’m in a Car :) with Jim Estill Talking About Leadership for Growth


On this episode of IM In A Car, Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances, joins Rob to talk about leadership, entrepreneurship, and life.

Jim gives insight into how his role as a leader has changed as the size of his organization grew and explains how the “Rule of 50” applied to his company.

After sharing some insight into the other start-ups and businesses he has been a part of, Jim talks about finding mentors, becoming a more effective leader, and how he honed his ‘superpower’.

To close, Jim goes into his latest venture, ShipperBee, which is a new parcel delivery service. He calls it his environmental legacy as it reduces the carbon emissions by 77% per parcel!

?You can also listen to this interview and glean all the same knowledge and takeaways


You can find out more about Jim Estill here ? LinkdenTwitter

Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom, Jim!

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    There are many implications of such a system, and this is just one of them. I am sure that all of these are in place to make sure that there is a safer environment for them.

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