3 Tips To Make Your Website Better

Robert Murray

Intrigue co-founder, Rob Murray, shares three tips on how you can make your website better in this special edition of IM in a Car.

3 Tips To Make Your Website Better

1. Your Website Should Focus on Your Customer

Inspired by Donald Miller’s Building A Storybrand, Rob references the seven universal elements of powerful stories to dramatically improve how brands connect with customers and grow their businesses: A character with a problem meets a guide who has a plan that calls the character to action to either achieve success and/or avoid failure.

The question to ask yourself is: Who is the hero of your story on your website?

If you are the hero of your story, then you may want to adjust your site to focus on the customer story.

People care about their story and if you’re only focusing on the story of your business and your success, then you might want to adjust your site to showcase how you help people with their story — and the solutions you provide to help them with their problems.

2. Tell Your Customer What To Do on Your Website

Although people generally don’t like to be told what to do in real life, they do want to be told what to do on a website.

You want to ensure that your website has strong, clear, calls-to-action. Whether it’s ‘click here’, ‘get a quote’, or ‘contact us’, you want to make it easy for the customer to know what to do.

3. Make Sure Your Contact Form Redirects to a Thank You Page

After a customer fills out a form, it’s nice to let them know that their information and/or request has been received. The best way to do this is to redirect them to a thank you page with a different URL. Having a unique URL will allow you to measure your conversions, know where your customers are coming from, and track your goals and leads.

If you want a better website, click here to see how you can make it better.





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