Tricia Presents: How Do You Get Qualified Leads From Your Website?


Is your website bringing you leads? If so, that’s great!

The more important question is whether they are qualified leads (i.e. are they willing, able and ready to buy from you?). Or are they tire kickers that end up wasting a whole lot of your time?

As a business owner, we know your time is severely limited. The leads you want to be working with should have a need for your solution and the means to avail of your services.

In this video, our rockstar team member Tricia asks 4 questions that — when answered — will help attract more qualified leads from your website!

  1. Who is your A-Client? Does your website speak to them?
  2. Does your website communicate the solution you provide?
  3. Does your website have proper Calls to Action?
  4. Are you using contact forms on your pages correctly?

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