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Staying in-front of your target audience, or Remarketing, is where the work is done to move your potential customers from the top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) to the bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU).

The ability to get in front of your desired target audience, or your “A-Clients” (Awesome Clients) as we like to call them at Intrigue, is only half the battle of successfully marketing your offer.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing, in its basic form, is connecting with consumers who have interacted with your brand and website, but have not converted the way you wanted them to — whether that’s making a purchase on your website or clicking your phone number on their mobile device.

Types of Marketing Audiences

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To help understand the process of remarketing, it’s important to know the different types of audiences that exist in the marketing funnel and the types of remarketing that is catered to each.

Cold Audiences

Cold audiences are people that have never heard of or interacted with your brand. They are the furthest away from making a purchase from you because they do not know you exist.

Warm Audiences

Warm audiences are people who have heard of your brand, have engaged with resources or ads, and have visited your website. These people are moving down the funnel and need some attention to help them reach the bottom-of-the-funnel.

Hot Audiences

Hot audiences are people who have used your product or service, know your brand, and trust you. These people have reached the bottom-of-the-funnel and need to be reminded to keep being customers.

How To Engage with Marketing Audiences

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Now that the audiences have been established, we can look at what you want to do with your marketing and remarketing efforts to move people through the funnel and remain consistent consumers.

How To Engage with A Cold Audience

The goal of marketing to a cold audience is to introduce your brand and establish credibility in the eyes of the consumer.

You want to cast a wide net to a large audience with interesting content to get your audience to know your brand and visit your website. This is the phase when you want to provide some value to establish yourself as the authority in the market and work towards building trust.

Expert Tip: You are not at the point where you should be pushing offers to them – you just met!

By adding a piece of code (a pixel) to your website, you can trigger a cookie to be downloaded to each visitor’s browser. This will allow you to track users who visit your page so you can remarket to them — and then you can segment your audience as new data streams into your funnel.

Offers for Cold Traffic include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Content Videos
  • Social Media Updates
  • Surveys

How To Engage with A Warm Audience

The goal of marketing to a warm audience is to engage past visitors by putting ads in front of them that align with the areas they previously interacted. For example, if you were a window and door company and someone clicked on ‘exterior doors’, they would see exterior doors ads with a clear call-to-action (CTA). These ads are designed to appear in-front of the warm audience periodically to help keep your brand top-of-mind.

Expert Tip: You can remarket to leads and people who have visited your website, followed you on social media, have given you their contact info at an event, etc.

This is the phase where you want to generate leads and encourage your leads to move to the next stage of the marketing funnel by converting through low-risk, low-dollar offers.

Offers for Warm Traffic include:

  • Lead Magnets – an offer of value in exchange for a person’s contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • Free/Paid Webinars
  • Product Demos
  • Industry-Specific Tools
  • Trials & Low-Dollar Offers

How To Engage with Hot Audiences

After a person has experienced your brand through a low-risk or low-dollar offer, they move to the final stage of the funnel and become a hot audience member. At this point, this customer will be seeing your remarketing ads, they will have submitted their contact information to you (typically by opting-in to receive something), and will likely have directly engaged with your brand.

Expert Tip: You want to maintain your engagement with this audience to remind them of your value, your offers, and your services/products.

Retaining customers and increasing their purchase frequency, purchase amount, and purchase scope are the goals of this stage.

Offers for Hot Traffic include:

  • Invitations To Events Regarding Your Product/Service/Community
  • Paid Webinar or Full Training Sessions
  • High-Dollar Sales of Your Core Product or Service

Example of The Marketing Funnel & Remarketing

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WHO: Martin is a 28-year-old plumber who is interested in DIY projects and rental properties. Martin follows home improvement pages like Home Hardware, and he has his job title in his bio on Facebook.

WHAT: Martin sees a Facebook Ad for a blog from a new tool company, FixItz, that he does not follow. FixItz is targeting Martin based on his interests, age demographic, and his location (cold audience). Martin clicks the ad and visits the website to read the blog about the benefits of having several dynamic tools in your tool belt. Martin browses the website but does not make a purchase.

BACK-END: FixItz’s website is set-up with a pixel (code) on it so they are able to remarket to Martin. FixItz has set-up a series of advertisements targeted for people like Martin who have visited their site and have become familiar with their brand, but not converted (warm audience).

REMARKETING: Martin continues to see Facebook ads for a special $19, one-month trial of FixItz’s new tool. These ads have been specially-crafted to encourage Martin to take the specific action of sharing their contact information — this could be signing up for the free month trial or signing up for the monthly email newsletter.

CONVERSION: After seeing FixItz ads for a couple of weeks, Martin acts on the offer, enters his contact information, pays the small fee, and uses the month trial of the new tool. Martin has now moved to a hot audience member and FixItz will start to show him ads that highlight additional products and offers.

SALE: Martin loved the tool he used and decides to purchase it. Martin is now poised to receive bigger ticket item offers, promotions for blow-out sales, and invitations to tool demo parties. All of these offers will help to strengthen Martin’s allegiance to FixItz.

GO FORWARD: FixItz can continue to market their offers to Martin as they now have a hot audience member that they would like to retain and work towards increasing his value with ongoing purchases.

It’s Your Turn To Remarket

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Remarketing is the reason that you see your recently viewed brands and items all over your Facebook timeline, in your Google searches, and as ads on web pages.

At Intrigue, we have had a lot of success remarketing for our clients using a variety of offers and channels. For example:

  • We have produced videos for clients and then used remarketing efforts to target Facebook ads to warm audiences who have watched the video. This has helped to encourage action and move customers down the funnel.
  • We have created email drip campaigns to keep a client’s brand top-of-mind with value-based and educational content to customers through the decision-making process.

We are always interested in helping great brands and entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing efforts. Contact Intrigue and let’s discuss how we can add remarketing to your marketing funnel.

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