Twice the Emails in Half the Time: Sula Indian Restaurant’s Campaign


Over the past several months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Sula Indian Restaurant and their amazing team. Our partnership first started when Sula realized that they wanted to focus their time on running the popular downtown Vancouver restaurant. Sula was feeling like many businesses often do. It can be a juggling act to ensure that all areas of the business are being taking care of, including the marketing efforts. The team at Intrigue knew we could help and off we went brainstorming.

When chatting with the Sula team we learned that they had been building a quality email list over the years and that their customers were interested in hearing about promotions, current events, and food events within the community. Our antennas were up and all signs were pointing to an email marketing campaign!

Client success shown through many emails being sent from a laptop

We knew email marketing would be a great fit but that our usual process for gathering content month by month wasn’t going to work with their busy schedules. So, we decided that they would be a great candidate for our new process (called SCRUM), where we complete twice the amount of work in half the amount of time. Who wouldn’t want to work that way? Am I right?

The Scrum process allowed us to schedule out big blocks of time with the Sula team to talk about their campaign and create the strategy. The Intrigue team was then able to complete a year’s content upfront, in a shorter condensed period of time. Once the content was done we were able to meet with the Sula team for one last review session to get the “A-Okay”. Once everything was a go, we were able to schedule everything out.

Using the Scrum process for email marketing has been a win for Sula! We were able to work with their busy schedule and focus our time together working through a large amount of content in a short period of time.

Scrum Planning helped the Sula team:

  • Focus their efforts on creating delicious Indian cuisine & providing a unique dining experience for their customers
  • Reduce and concentrate the time they had to take away from their busy day to day lives
  • Reduce the amount of back and forth communication to scheduled blocks of time
  • Create consistency in their email marketing efforts

Their email campaign was up and running in a short period of time and ready to start building results!

Our team loves being able to let business owners focus on what they love doing most. Contact us to see where we can help your business succeed!

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