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Logel's Auto Parts Kitchener

Telling Stories and Learning About the ‘Why’ of Logel’s Autoparts

Here at Intrigue Media we have a passion for helping our clients maximize their business. One of our account managers Kris Ronan worked with Logel’s Autoparts in Kitchener to align their marketing with their business goals and tell their story. (more…)

Snugglers Furniture Waterloo

Snugglers Furniture Success Story

Snugglers Furniture specializes in creating high-quality furniture. They offer a service that goes above and beyond what you would find at a typical big box store. The keen and friendly staff work to cater to your specific taste, style, and budget. When Gary met with Paul, he explained his goal of magnifying the Snugglers brand […]

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Carousel Clothing Success Story

Carousel Clothing takes pride in being the area’s finest consignment store. They offer new and used clothing for active business women at an affordable price.  To keep the collection fresh, they invite shoppers to donate upscale clothing at the beginning of each season. When we met with Janet from Carousel Clothing, her primary goal was […]

Using video Advertising to Engage Customers

How P&G Captured Our Hearts (and our wallets) Without Making a Single Sales Pitch

With the 2014 Winter Olympics recently coming to a close, many well deserved and hard working athletes had the honour of taking their medals home to their country, friends, and family. However, there was one big winner who has gone unmentioned. (more…)

Marketing with Emotion

Getting Emotional with Marketing

Now I don’t mean crying or sulking, or getting angry. What I am talking about is the idea behind why your customers or clients are buying from you. Every purchase has some level of emotional trigger behind it. I know, I know what emotion is behind the idea of purchasing a pen right? I mean, […]


Advertising – what should my message be?

There are a thousand and one ways to get your message out in your community.  From Radio broadcast to coupon clippers, to bus ads, to social media, and so on.  With all of these channels of communication available to us, why don’t we see great impact with our advertising campaigns.  Well, at Intrigue Media, we […]

Designing a Web Presence

Understanding web presence is like riding a bike; it is hard to grasp at first but once you understand the mechanics behind it you are flying. Below is a diagram of the best practice steps towards creating a web presence for your business. If you like what you read and want to know more call […]

Getting New Customers – Balancing Advertising with Search Marketing

There is no question that times have changed and advertising is not what it used to be. That said, we now have an opportunity to do things differently. So, how do we do that?  In order for us to have a well balanced Marketing Plan, we need to combine Advertising with Search Marketing. Traditional Advertising such […]

What do you want people to Google?

What do you want people to Google?  Local Consumers have more information available for them to make decisions with today than ever before. Online reviews give consumers a chance to hear what others have to say about places around the city before even looking at the store front.  Google generates 3 billion searches every day, […]