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What should I blog about for my business?

What Should I Blog About?

This is a question we get asked often. Some people love the idea of blogging, but when it comes to writing a blog they get overwhelmed and it is often one of those things that gets pushed off (I am even guilty of this, this blog took me way longer to write than I want […]

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Leadership Breakfast August :)

Thank you to everyone for attending our second Leadership Lunch, well, this one was a breakfast 🙂 It was great to see some new faces around the table, here is a list of who was in attendance: Mike Henley – Miller Thomson Chris Tiessen – The Guelph Chamber of Commerce Seth Partridge – Intrigue Media […]

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Carousel Clothing Success Story

Carousel Clothing takes pride in being the area’s finest consignment store. They offer new and used clothing for active business women at an affordable price.  To keep the collection fresh, they invite shoppers to donate upscale clothing at the beginning of each season. When we met with Janet from Carousel Clothing, her primary goal was […]



Today I want to discuss the balance between living to work…and working to live. This is a balance that I have struggled with in the past.  I firmly agree that when you sink your teeth into a job/career/company that you will achieve great success by submerging yourself in the culture of that environment.  There is […]

Body Language

What did you say? Nothing… but they got the message!

We all know, and have been told, that body language is important. But how often do we consciously think about this throughout the day and make an effort to maintain control over this quiet yet extremely loud language? Probably not nearly enough for a communication that has been said to amount to 50% or more […]


EMOTIonal over EMOTIcons

Lost in translation.  How many times in the last year have you been sent a text/email/BBM/iMessage and instantly responded in a hostile or defensive tone only to find out that you misinterpreted the message in the first place. The only way to try and convey feeling is through the almighty ‘EMOTICON’.  I understand the concept […]

AdClub - OOH

Networking events…..aka…the guessing game

Today’s submission will be on the idea of Networking Events.  I had the pleasure of going to the AdClub OOH competition last night,  which was a great way for marketing people to get together and show everyone how great their campaigns were. There are two things that stand out at these events.  The first is the […]