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How to Use a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Business

Geofilters are commonplace on Snapchat these days. You’ll usually come across at least one or two when you’re posting in the app – more if you happen to be in a busy city. They can be fun and quirky, but usually don’t do anything special. Geofilters like the one seen below are called Community Geofilters. […]

Intrigue Media - Milton and Oakville Partner Fred

Sell For Yourself – Learn How Our Milton & Oakville Partner Fred Did It!

Meet Fred. (more…)

Underwater Feet in Pool Cambridge Pools Intrigue Blog

Diving into the Community with Cambridge Pools

At Intrigue, we believe in working with clients who share the same values as a company as we do. A large part of what we believe in is empowering local businesses to strengthen communities across Canada. When we began working with Cambridge Pools they were no exception. Just as Intrigue believes in open and honest […]