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Social Media Success: Delta Bingo Niagara Falls

Understandably, some people are hesitant about using social media for their businesses. This hesitancy could be due to negative past experiences with social media, or simply because the whole concept was unfamiliar. Delta Bingo Niagara Falls was one of the businesses that fit into the latter category. They had a bit of experience using social […]

Display Advertising and the Network of People

  While busily munching on my meal at Fireside restaurant in Kitchener with my family, I noticed the infamous Intrigue TV my new team members at Intrigue Media were always raving about. Finally, I could understand why! Not only was this TV located in a high traffic area, but through its network it was able […]

Social Media Service Recovery | Online Marketing

What if they say something bad about me?

I always hear “I don’t know about this social media thing because what if people write bad things about my business?” My answer is quite simple: whether you are on social media or not, they will be saying these things regardless, both online and offline. Being in the space gives you the power to deal […]

Yay! People are filling out my forms. Now what?

Good work! Now calculate your conversion rate. Your next step is to  monitor how many submissions you receive  from the various lead generating forms on your website. This will help you calculate your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is a simple metric that tells you how many people arrive at an area in your online […]

For best results, you need to measure, measure, measure.

Change is Constant No matter how much time and thought you put into building your website, it will never perform perfectly. Changes will have to be made to certain parts of your website to make it perform better. These changes could be made to:  layout  user interface content design amount of information tone and quality […]

How do people buy online?

At Intrigue Media, we use a double funnel to demonstrate how online marketing turns prospects into clients. As the online marketing funnel illustrates, there are many ways for people to get to your website. But just because someone has made it to your website does not mean that they are ready to buy from you […]

Learn about Social Media in Guelph

Seth Reveals the Secret to Successfully Connecting with People Through Social Media! (Hint: It’s Nothing New…)

As Rob Murray likes to say, “The Internet is still in the Wild West stage.” Since the internet is relatively new, and because it changes so quickly, the playing field is flat. Because of this, ‘right’ and ‘standard’ practices to doing things on the internet really haven’t dominated the vast majority of internet users. The […]