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Guelph January Smile Moment Babies Laughing

January Smile Moment!

Happy 2017! Welcome to a new year. At this point of the month you might be getting your Christmas bills, some habits might be falling through and the gloomy weather might be killing your mood. In celebration of our co-founder Rob recently having twins, our January smile moment features twins having a hilarious conversation no one […]

LinkedIn open on iPhone

5 Tips for Writing A LinkedIn InMail That Will Get Results

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that helps connect business professionals. It has a numerous amount of tools and functions so don’t worry if you are unsure about how to use them all! The tool I wanted to focus on was LinkedIn InMail messages. Although some people find them worthless, when written with quality and care they can have […]

Cold Calling Blog Guelph

Cold Calling is DEAD!

Cold calling has to be the most intrusive, outdated, overused method of contacting businesses. You call and the only thing the person on the other side of the phone is thinking is how to get off the phone. Even worse than cold calling someone over the phone, is showing up at their business. Nobody wants […]


Advertising – what should my message be?

There are a thousand and one ways to get your message out in your community.  From Radio broadcast to coupon clippers, to bus ads, to social media, and so on.  With all of these channels of communication available to us, why don’t we see great impact with our advertising campaigns.  Well, at Intrigue Media, we […]

How do people buy online?

At Intrigue Media, we use a double funnel to demonstrate how online marketing turns prospects into clients. As the online marketing funnel illustrates, there are many ways for people to get to your website. But just because someone has made it to your website does not mean that they are ready to buy from you […]

Guelph Social Media Seminars

Got Writer’s Block? Try Sharing…

Maybe you’re new to social media, or maybe you’ve been posting on your social networks for a while now, but at some time, you’re bound to arrive at the dreaded state of writer’s block. Don’t worry! It happens all the time to lots of people. Luckily, many social networks have the solution to this issue. […]