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Search blogging to find out why it's a huge part of Intrigue Media's company culture

Why Blogging is a Huge Part of Our Company Culture

At Intrigue Media, we truly believe in the power of blogging. It is an incredibly useful tool, that is often overlooked. But to fully understand the special place that blogging occupies in our hearts, we need to explain our history with blogging and why we encourage all small businesses to start blogging now! (more…)

Team members of Intrigue Media show how their business gives back in 2016

How Our Business Gives Back

Intrigue Media is a 10 year old, for-profit business with its head office in Guelph, Ontario and other locations in Oakville, Milton, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Brantford and more! In addition to a network of 294 TV screens in public spaces, Intrigue builds integrated marketing plans anchored by world-class websites. (more…)

Google My Business page for Bryans Fuel in Shelburne is example of local business

Why Google My Business is the Most Important Page for Local Business

Everyone you meet has their own opinion on which social media platform is the most important for marketing your business. Some people will claim that Facebook is best due to its huge user base and broad targeting options. Others will insist LinkedIn because it’s built specifically to enhance B2B marketing. Some will claim that Twitter’s […]

Google AdWords Ad

How To Write Effective AdWords Ad Copy

  Headline The headline of an AdWords ad is arguably the easiest part of the ad to write. Headlines should include the keyword you are bidding on and the geography if there is room. If you are following best practices, your ad group will be focusing on one specific keyword phrase. “Nail salon Guelph” is […]

Handwritten note with the words content marketing on it showcase a business strategy

Content Marketing: Your Blogging Strategy

What is content marketing? When I entered the marketing world, I immediately noticed that the term ‘content marketing’ got used a lot online—on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on marketing blogs. Maybe you’ve also encountered it too—and been just as confused by it. What does it mean? What does it look like in practice? In this article, […]

How to Becom a LinkedIn Jedi and use social media marketing on this platform

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn

Working with small business owners, our team often gets asked the following kinds of questions about LinkedIn: Should I be focusing on LinkedIn? What is the best way to use LinkedIn to market my business? How can I improve my digital marketing strategy using LinkedIn? The goal of this blog post is to teach you […]

Leadership Leads to Professional Growth

9 Snapshots of How Leader Building Has Helped My Professional Growth

When I started to think about writing this blog, I had no problem coming up with ideas—I have many takeaways from my first 27 weeks of doing Leader Building. My problem was writing a blog post that would adequately summarize the experience; all the things that I’ve learned and all the ways that Leader Building […]

Traveler Reflects on the Power of Nice in His Blog in Guelph

The Kindness of Strangers: Travel & the Power of Nice

For the month of January, everyone at Intrigue decided to read The Power of Nice together as a team. We wrote this series of blogs to share what we’ve learned with the community and start 2016 off on the right foot. We hope our takeaways will inspire you to spread the power of nice in your own lives! (more…)

Cold Calling Tips from Marketing and Advertising Agency in Kitchener Waterloo

What I’ve Learned From Years of Cold Calling

So, you’ve been asked to make ‘Cold Calls!’ I recently had a friend of mine invite me for a drink in Uptown Waterloo. We shared a couple of laughs and caught up a bit since it had been a while since we were able to meet. Shortly after our pints arrived he said: “so…I’ve been asked […]

Communication Tips for Business Development in Marketing and Advertising Guelph

Wishy Washy Words & How To Deal With Them

You are meeting with a client and just finished the best presentation of your life. You were meeting with the decision maker, found the perfect solution to their pain and even managed to come in under budget! After a few moments of consideration, the decision maker says “I think I like what I am hearing […]