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2017 Marketing Trends

2017 Marketing Trends

With 2016 coming to an end, 2017 is rapidly approaching – in the world of digital marketing this means growth online will continue to accelerate into the new year. 2016 showed tremendous changes with social platforms merging, new features appearing and video becoming a game changer. Digital media will continue to dominate in the marketing space […]

Guelph Community Appreciation Events

Marketing & Community – Are they made for each other?

Globalization and digitization are changing the landscape in which we live our lives and operate our day to day. I can use a website like www.fiver.com and have someone from around the world produce a 3D logo for $5. The world is getting larger, smaller, and more accessible every day. Digital environments are keeping children […]

Press Release: How Intrigue Media Has Strengthened Communities For 8 Years

Intrigue Media is a local marketing company that has made a name for itself by helping local businesses get noticed and found in communities across South-Western Ontario. What makes them different from other marketing companies? Their focus on supporting and strengthening local communities. (more…)

Community Events: May

April showers bring May flowers and May is just around the corner! If you want to get out and enjoy those flowers and our community, here are some great events. 20th Annual Women of Distinction Fundraising Gala Join us for an evening of recognition, celebration and inspiration at the River Run Centre! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwpkzAZts6o]   […]


“Don’t Tell Me What To Do!”: Why Storytelling Works

I don’t know about you, but I love it when people tell me what to do and how to run our business. Actually, I’m not a big fan of that at all. 🙂 You’ve heard it before, you’re talking to someone and they say, “You know what you should you do, you should… insert unsolicited […]

start with why

Part 2: Start with Why

Start with Why. This book is a must read for everyone looking to lead an idea or group of people.  Simon Sinek breaks down how great leaders inspire us and codifies the process to make it possible for us to inspire others.  Sounds to good to be true?  I am not exaggerating.  Don’t get me […]

Snugglers Furniture Waterloo

Snugglers Furniture Success Story

Snugglers Furniture specializes in creating high-quality furniture. They offer a service that goes above and beyond what you would find at a typical big box store. The keen and friendly staff work to cater to your specific taste, style, and budget. When Gary met with Paul, he explained his goal of magnifying the Snugglers brand […]