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Building Trust

Building Trust

Trust is not easy. It is also not permanent. You can build trust, you can break trust, you can grow trust, you can hurt trust, you can foster it, and you can squash it. Trust, when built, is a result. At Intrigue Media, we believe that we are not in control of results, only our […]

Guelph Bear Symbolic of theRemarkable Nature of this Community

Eco-System in Ontario for Empowering Leaders to Strengthen Community

It is without hesitation, that I can say it has been an absolute pleasure to start a business in Guelph Ontario. Born in Mississauga and living in BC for a few years after highschool, I never thought I would end up in Guelph. But, after attending University here and living in this great community, I […]


Leadership Lunch – July

Our conversation this month was based on a great TED Talk by Itay Talgam, titled Lead Like the Great Conductors. This video about different conductors is all about stories – stories of each person’s individual music, as well as the whole community’s music. Everyone has a part in the story. Part of the story is, what […]

Social Media Myths

June Leadership Lunch

At our June Leadership Lunch, we had a great conversation around empowerment in the workplace. Seth shared a great story he heard from Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation Studios. When Pixar was creating Toy Story 2, someone made a mistake and a year of work on the movie was deleted. Instead of finding out […]


What Makes Leslie Knope a Great Leader?

  They say that leaders come in all shapes and sizes. That’s definitely true of Leslie Knope. If you’ve seen Parks and Recreation, then you know I’m talking about its lead character, played by the inimitable Amy Poehler. (And if you haven’t—go watch it as soon as you finish reading! You’re seriously missing out!) Leslie […]

leadership habits

Leadership Lunch – January

Every month, leaders from all over the community come together for the leadership lunch to discuss ways that they can improve their community. We had January’s leadership lunch on January 19th, and as always, there was a great turnout and even better discussion. Attendees Robert Murray – Intrigue Media Starr LoFranco – Intrigue Media Doug […]

picking a partner

3 Tips to Picking the Right Marketing Partner

So you have decided to find a partner to help market your great business.  Finding an organization that can align with yours can be tough.  Creating a relationship based on trust with a marketing partner is an essential part of making any campaign a success. Here are 3 things to look for when identifying who to […]