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Leadership Books Guelph

5 Books Every Leader Should Read

At Intrigue Media, our vision is Empowering Leaders, Strengthening Community. Leadership (alongside marketing) is the core of our business. We believe that by building a team based on leadership, we can empower each other to be the best we can be in order to provide our clients with best practice marketing. In our four walls […]

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Starting with Why? 

Empowering Leaders. Strengthening Community. This is our purpose at Intrigue, this is why we get of bed every day.  Our goal is to give leaders a bigger voice and empower them to strengthen, their team, their business, and their community.  We believe that people who lead by example and dare greatly are the ones that […]

4 Keys to Becoming a Great Leader

4 Keys to Great Leadership

When I ask others what leadership means to them, I get a range of answers. To some, leadership is ‘being the boss’, delegating, having your own office, and being financially successful. To others, leadership comes from the difficult task of leading yourself so that you can influence and inspire others; this, I believe, is true […]

Guelph Bear Symbolic of theRemarkable Nature of this Community

Eco-System in Ontario for Empowering Leaders to Strengthen Community

It is without hesitation, that I can say it has been an absolute pleasure to start a business in Guelph Ontario. Born in Mississauga and living in BC for a few years after highschool, I never thought I would end up in Guelph. But, after attending University here and living in this great community, I […]

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Leadership Lunch – September 2015

Seth Partridge lead our leadership lunch discussion this month. Seth is a lot of things: husband, son, soon-to-be father, Intrigue Team Member, photographer, artist, web developer, and more. So where do we find the space in all these things? Watch this short clip: (more…)

Sailing Leadership Racing Intrigue Media Guelph

What Leaders Can Learn From Sailing

Out of all athletes, sailors probably rely the most on their environment. Without the wind, a sailor is nothing, just like a hockey player is nothing without an ice rink. But unlike hockey, sailing is not something that can be done under artificial conditions—inside an arena or a sports complex. Sailing makes you rely almost entirely […]