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Small Business Owner In Guelph Starting An AdWords Campaign

Read This Before You Start Your First AdWords Campaign

AdWords, when faced head-on, can be overwhelming. There are many decisions to make when building your first AdWords campaign; from what type of ads you want to use to how much you want to spend. To help you get through building your first AdWords campaign, I will explain the five basic pillars to build a solid […]

start with why

Part 2: Start with Why

Start with Why. This book is a must read for everyone looking to lead an idea or group of people.  Simon Sinek breaks down how great leaders inspire us and codifies the process to make it possible for us to inspire others.  Sounds to good to be true?  I am not exaggerating.  Don’t get me […]

Guelph Saultos Gymnastics in Guelph

Guelph Saultos Success Story

Guelph Saultos is a local non-for-profit gymnastics facility. They come equipped with a nationally certified professional coaching staff, a 13,000 sq. foot gymnasium, and both recreational and competitive programs.  For casual gymnasts, Guelph Saultos offers weekend party packages and drop-in gymnastic programs. When we first met with head coach Chuck Basler, he had a vision […]


Professional Stalking: Social Media for Businesses

When most of us think of stalking, we think of it in the traditional sense, that creepy dude lurking behind the bush in a big trench coat. Until recently I thought of it in the same way. Then late one night I found myself watching a video by Ric Dragon on Social Media Marketing where he discussed the topic […]


Celebrating our Community – June Edition

Summertime typically means time spent outside enjoying the much anticipated, sweet sunshine. well at least that’s how we feel here at Intrigue. So we thought we would share some upcoming community events that will get you outside enjoying our Canadian summer while supporting our amazing community! Here are just a few for you to check out; Big Brothers […]

Learn about how hashtags work

What is a #Hashtag?

Everyone asks me all the time, “What do those number signs in your tweets mean?”. I tell them that they are called Hashtags. 100% of the time, the next question they ask is “What is a Hashtag?“ Hashtags are easy ways to create, monitor, and participate in conversations. Whether you are Hashtagging on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram, […]

social media platforms

Attracting and Engaging Customers with Social Media

Does social media have you confused? FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr… how are you supposed to successfully keep up with the ever-changing world of social media? While not all social media platforms are one-in-the-same, there are several basic concepts that apply to the vast majority of these mediums. (more…)

How to make your website bring qualified buyers to you.

Before we get into the details, it is important to understand the underlying concept that we base our approach to websites upon: inbound marketing. Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing To give you a good idea of what inbound marketing is, we’ll have to explain outbound marketing first. Outbound marketing is the traditional school of marketing thought. […]

Want to make money with your website, but don’t know how?

There may be a few or a lot of things you have questions about. No worries. Most of our clients have been there – you’re not alone. Let’s start with the ground rules. While some people may believe that the purpose of a business is to make great products or provide great services, we firmly […]