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Light bulb turned on, indicating a good idea

What Intrigue Media Made Me Realize After Graduation

Growing up my parents have always pushed me to work hard and get a ‘good’ education in order to find a ‘good job’ when I’m done school. Well, school is done… Where do I go from here? I recently graduated from the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Guelph, and now I’m here at […]


How to Use a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Business

Geofilters are commonplace on Snapchat these days. You’ll usually come across at least one or two when you’re posting in the app – more if you happen to be in a busy city. They can be fun and quirky, but usually don’t do anything special. Geofilters like the one seen below are called Community Geofilters. […]

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How to Get Noticed & Get Found

Here at Intrigue Media the products and services that we provide for our clients are always changing. With all this change we are continually seeking out new ways of getting businesses noticed and found by their ideal clients or customers. Some great avenues we use today to do that are video advertising, social media, and […]

Social Media Time Investment for Marketing Intrigue Guelph

Your Time Online: Why Social Media Is An Investment

You haven’t made up your mind about social media. It’s just a way to unwind at the end of the day. Thinking of a good post takes too much time. It’s a waste of your energy. You’re only on Facebook to keep in touch with old friends. You started an Instagram profile to look through other […]

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5 Easy Tips for Using Social Media for Your Business

If you own a business, you probably use or have considered using social media for your marketing needs! Social media can be a great tool for getting information out about your business and the products you sell, as well as connecting with current and potential customers. If you’re considering social media for your business but […]

LinkedIn for students.

Expanding Your Portfolio: Now Including LinkedIn!

As I sift through the internet looking for content to post on Intrigue Media’s social media sites, there are always a few articles or pictures that catch my attention. I spend a lot of time on Buzzfeed looking for content or content inspiration. (more…)


EMOTIonal over EMOTIcons

Lost in translation.  How many times in the last year have you been sent a text/email/BBM/iMessage and instantly responded in a hostile or defensive tone only to find out that you misinterpreted the message in the first place. The only way to try and convey feeling is through the almighty ‘EMOTICON’.  I understand the concept […]

Guelph Social Media Seminars

Got Writer’s Block? Try Sharing…

Maybe you’re new to social media, or maybe you’ve been posting on your social networks for a while now, but at some time, you’re bound to arrive at the dreaded state of writer’s block. Don’t worry! It happens all the time to lots of people. Luckily, many social networks have the solution to this issue. […]