November 5, 2015

By Patricia Kopec

Have you ever been told to get out of your comfort zone? Have you found yourself trying, but backing away because you were afraid of doing things you don’t like? You are not alone! The benefits far outweigh the negatives, and it’s a struggle we all must find a way to battle.

A “comfort zone” is defined as a situation where one feels at ease or without stress.

I was introduced to the following quote a few weeks ago, at an event that changed my perspective on the concept of habits, and my comfort zone.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” –Jeff Olson

There are certain tasks that just do not appeal to anybody. What makes successful people different is that they proceed to complete these tasks anyways. There is a saying at Intrigue that we use called “Swallowing Your Frogs”. This essentially means that every morning you decide to take the most difficult tasks of the day, and complete them first. This not only gives you the confidence to battle the smaller tasks of the day, but it also allows you to build a habit of doing the things you don’t like. Eventually these tasks won’t be uncomfortable anymore.

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.” –Joseph Campbell

Bob Proctor, one of the best speakers in the world, defines this thing as a “terror barrier”. When people face their terror barrier they usually become uncomfortable and back away, even though their greatest potential may be on the other side. The illustration below explains this idea of our “terror barrier”.Terror Barrier Comfort Zone Guelph

You are currently bonded by the “X” idea holding you back. You find a “Y” idea, which gives you the power and motivation to go against that terror barrier. Once you tell yourself you are going to do it, you have to become emotionally involved with this “Y” idea. This is when we experience doubt, fear and anxiety in our body. Once we are able to push through all those emotions we find freedom.

Going back to my main idea of the reward of getting out of your comfort zone, Bob Proctor explains that once you are able to cross that terror barrier you can achieve freedom in the things you didn’t think were possible.Comfort Zone

Here are the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone:

  1. You Can Achieve MoreIt allows you to learn new skills, and find courage to accomplish the tasks you need to achieve your dream goals.
  2. Lead a More Fulfilled Life: It allows you to be step closer to reaching your true potential really allows you to lead a more fulfilled life of consistent growth and achievement.
  3. Deal With Change BetterIt can be scary, and anxious but once you build a habit of doing the things we are scared of doing, we begin to deal with change better.
  4. Challenging Yourself Can Help You Perform at Your Peak: Being able to challenge yourself to learn new skills, lead a new life, and uncover your potential will increasingly push you to perform at a rate you never thought you could.

Discover the exciting world of the outside! Are you going to be bounded by your four walls? Or is it your time to reach your potential? I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and contact Intrigue today to help you reach your potential!


Tricia wants to ensure your experience with Intrigue is awesome! She helps non-profits, businesses, and communities grow together. Tricia assists the sales team in business development. Outside of work she is an avid tea drinker, world traveller and loves getting active and cooking healthy.

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