September 21, 2020

By Matt McQuade

Understand the New Facebook Ad Limits

Coming in early 2021, Facebook’s new ad limits will start limiting the number of ads a Page can run, which has many business owners worried. That said, the move isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The reason for the change is because of something in Facebook’s algorithm called the “learning phase.”

Facebook’s learning phase

Basically, when you create an ad, it enters the “learning phase,” where the algorithm tries to figure out the most effective way to deliver the ad.

This is all based on who sees your ad, how they respond, and how that response (or lack thereof) aligns with your campaign goals, according to Social Media Today.

“Facebook cites that 4 in 10 ads never exit the Learning Phase at all. This also means the budget is being spent and taking longer (or maybe never) to optimize for winners, costing brands more money in the long run.”

Essentially, running too many ads at once can really mess up that learning phase for the algorithm and cost you more money.

Ad volume limits

To manage this, Facebook will be grouping each advertiser by size into one of four groups and setting volume limits. The size is determined by the Page and its highest spend in a given month. See the following table.

Understand Facebook's New Ad Limits
Pages will be grouped by size into one of four buckets and given ad volume limits.

So it is a good thing?

Yes, unless you’re a massive advertiser like the Trump campaign, which reportedly spent almost $20 million on 218,000+ different Facebook ads in 2019.

However, most advertisers aren’t running anywhere near that number of ads at once, and Facebook made sure that the ad volume limits are proportional to the amount the Page is spending.

According to Facebook, many advertisers are already seeing the performance benefits of reducing their number of ads. Apparel brand Bombas, for example, saw a 2X increase in product sales after consolidating their ad setup.

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