What Is Value Exchange Marketing?


Value Exchange Marketing: When a business provides a prospect with valuable information in exchange for information about them (i.e. email address).

There are a few key ideas to keep in mind when it comes to your website and engaging in Value Exchange Marketing with a visitor:

  1. Not everyone visiting you is ready to buy your product or service
  2. Your website is a sales tool and a recruiting tool
  3. Every website visit is an opportunity to engage in a relationship with a potential customer or team member

So, how do you apply these ideas?

To answer that question, let’s look at this visual overview of a marketing and sales funnel:

Here’s how to understand the sales and marketing funnel:

  1. Attract & Engage — Visitors are seeking information about their problem
  2. Nurture & Educate — Visitors are looking for a solution to their problem
  3. Convert & Purchase — Visitors are ready to make a decision and buy
  4. Adopt & Retain — Visitors are experiencing their purchase
  5. Expansion & Loyalty — Visitors are ready to buy more from you
  6. Advocate & Ambassador — Visitors are telling others about you

Most businesses focus on #3.

This blog is all about focusing on the importance of #1 and #2 through the lens of Value Exchange Marketing.

To address #1 and #2, answer the following questions:

  1. What information is meaningful, relevant, and valuable to a future customer?
  2. What information will help them make a better decision with their upcoming purchase?

On Intrigue’s website, as an example, we offer high-value resources to visitors in exchange for their email. These resources position us as the experts in digital marketing but they don’t ask for a sale. We trust that when you are ready to invest in growing your business through digital marketing, you’ll give us a call.

An example of Value Exchange Marketing

Here’s an example of an HVAC business out of Orangeville, Ontario using a value exchange to collect contact information on a landing page:

Bryan's Fuel using Value Exchange Marketing by asking for an email in order to send a visitor a spring HVAC checklist

And here is the checklist the visitor gets for providing their name and email:

Bryans Fuel checklist

When executing Value Exchange Marketing, there are a few points to consider:

  1. Keep it simple — Your resource doesn’t have to be monumental or massively time-consuming to create
  2. It’s not about you — At Bryan’s Fuel, their target is homeowners and that’s who the checklist was made for
  3. They work — In three months, Bryan’s generated 40 leads using this checklist!



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