What Is Value Exchange Marketing?


There are a few key ideas to keep in mind when it comes to your website and the idea of Value Exchange Marketing.

Not everyone visiting you is ready to buy.
Your website is a sales tool and a recruiting tool.
A visit is an opportunity to engage in a relationship with a potential customer or team member.

So, how do you apply these ideas?

Here’s a visual overview of a marketing and sales funnel:

Let’s break it down really quick.

  1. Attract & Engage – Visitors are seeking information about their problem.
  2. Nurture & Educate – Visitors are looking for a solution to their problem.
  3. Convert & Purchase – Visitors are ready to make a decision and buy.
  4. Adopt & Retain – Visitors are experiencing their purchase.
  5. Expansion & Loyalty – Visitors are ready to buy more from you.
  6. Advocate & Ambassador – Visitors are telling others about you.

Most businesses focus on #3. This section is about #1 and #2, and exchanging value with those visitors like you did with Intrigue. 🙂

The questions we need to answer are:

  1. What information is meaningful, relevant, and valuable to a future customer?
  2. What information will help them make a better decision with their upcoming purchase?

In the example of this resource, we identified that future clients of Intrigue are interested in generating leads, having a great website that represents their business well, and growing their business.

You will also notice that everything in this guide is designed to help you improve your current situation with no sales hook. If you want to work with us, we trust that you’ll reach out when you’re ready, or you won’t. Either way works for us.

Here’s an example from an HVAC business, using a value exchange to collect contact information on a landing page:

And here is the checklist:

There are a few points to consider:

1. Keep it simple.

Your resource doesn’t have to be monumental or massively time consuming to create — it can be much more simple than this guide. 🙂

2. It’s not about you.

At Bryan’s Fuel, their target is homeowners and the checklist applies to aspects of the home that they don’t service, but it is positioned to help the homeowner.

3. They work!

In three months, Bryan’s generated 40 leads using this checklist to exchange value with visitors to their website.




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