How We Hire

You’re more than accomplishments on a resume. You are an individual with a history, experiences, opinions, perspectives, and motivations that makes you awesome. At Intrigue, we value our people-focused culture and we care about your personal goals as much as your professional ones. We’ll even work with you to help you achieve them — it’s part of what makes our team so strong.

Whether you’re working from our snazzy new office, the comfort of your home, or a remote island, we’re excited to get to know you better during our hiring process.

The Hiring Process

The process of joining the team at Intrigue - from the day you submit your application to the day you receive your offer -is five steps.



Send us your resume and cover letter for the job you’re interested in. Don’t see a job for your skillset? No worries! Send us your details and we’ll keep them on file (Yes, we actually keep all resumes and cover letters on file for when something opens up).


The “Get to know you” chat

If your resume and cover letter align with the role we’re looking to fill, one of our recruiters will reach out to schedule a phone interview to talk with you about the position and answer any questions you may have


The interview

Next, we’ll coordinate an interview with your direct report (Team Lead), the recruiter you spoke to on the “get to know you” chat, and another hiring team member.


Case study

Finally, we’ll ask you to complete a case study to help us see how you would apply your knowledge to help a client achieve their campaign goals.


An offer is made

This is when you get to excitedly call family and friends and tell them you got the job! Happy dances are welcomed and encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I work from anywhere?

Yes! Intrigue has team members who work in-office, at home, or hybrid. We also have team members who work from different locations around the world.

What are Intrigue’s working hours?

8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time are our formal working hours, but there is flexibility within those hours to attend to life’s everyday appointments, family needs, and unexpected events. Our motto is, “Do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.” As long as you communicate and get your work done on time, there should be no issues!

How long does it take to get hired?

The entire hiring process can take 2-5 weeks, depending on the availability of all the parties involved in the process.

Where is your office located?

We’re located at 412 Laird Rd Unit 202 in Guelph, Ontario. Feel free to request a visit to the office during the hiring process! We’d be happy to meet you.

How many people work at Intrigue?

It fluctuates like any other business, but between all of our staff, we have about 30 team members.

Do you hire interns?

Yes! We looooove interns. In fact, many have joined us as full-time team members after finishing their intern time. 

Do you actually keep resumes on file?

We sure do. It’s not unusual for prospective team members to hear from us down the road because their resume matched up well with a position we’re currently recruiting. There’s no harm in sending your resume and cover letter to us, even if we’re not hiring for your skillset. 

Are dogs allowed?

They’re not only allowed, they’re encouraged! We have a roster of pups that make visits to the office regularly.

How do you make people working remotely feel like they’re part of the team?

There are many ways that our remote team members feel like they’re part of the team: Daily departmental meetings, client case studies, client meetings, virtual coffee chats, online celebrations, and monthly team lunches are just some of the ways you’ll get to form relationships with co-workers and clients.

How will Intrigue help me grow professionally?

Every team member creates a road map that outlines their personal and professional goals with a quarterly, yearly, and multi-year focus and, every quarter, you will review this road map with your Team Lead. We are dedicated to helping you succeed, because your success is our success.

Does Intrigue offer a flexible work environment?

Absolutely. While our “working day” is from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, there is no expectation that you must be at your desk during all of those hours. If you’re going to the doctor, picking up a kiddo, changing your tires, or just need an afternoon off to clear your head, go for it! We trust that people can take care of themselves and their work without being monitored or babysat.

Are you ready to join the Intrigue team?

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As a growing company, we’re always on the lookout for the next all-star team member to join our team. Click the button below to check out our current job postings. If we’re not hiring for your area of expertise, but you’d like us to contact you when something opens up, don’t hesitate to send over your cover letter and resume! When we say we keep resumes on file, we mean it!