Two Women meeting with Laptop that reads "Shop Online"

How To Setup eCommerce For Your Business, The Right Way

A quick Google search for eCommerce best practices will reveal millions of results with different opinions on what is the best way to setup your eCommerce website. We’ve been in the eCommerce world since 2013, and here are the biggest things we’ve learned in that time: (more…)

Businessman partners with a community organization in the Halton Region, Ontario

4 Reasons to Partner with a Community Organization

There are great benefits to partnering with a community organization and there are many options. When deciding which one to join, consider one that your ideal clients will attend. You can be a part of networking groups, service clubs, charity organizations, research and innovation centres, small business centres, business advisory groups or your local chamber […]

Woman using best practice social media marketing for her business in Canada

5 Simple Strategies for Best Practice Social Media Marketing

When I began interning with Intrigue Media a couple of months ago, I had little experience with social media marketing. As an intern, I have the opportunity to see how businesses use social media, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at their marketing plans. The following are some tips that I find useful when it […]

Guelph January Smile Moment Babies Laughing

January Smile Moment!

Happy 2017! Welcome to a new year. At this point of the month you might be getting your Christmas bills, some habits might be falling through and the gloomy weather might be killing your mood. In celebration of our co-founder Rob recently having twins, our January smile moment features twins having a hilarious conversation no one […]

Woman who is online consumer buys what she can find online

Online Consumers Will Only Buy What They Can Find

  Simple concept? Yes. Easy task? No. As an online retailer, you already know how much work went into moving your store online; it’s a big job, and the work does not end there. It is your responsibility to ensure that your site is running efficiently, and providing what shoppers expect when purchasing on an […]

What should I blog about for my business?

What Should I Blog About?

This is a question we get asked often. Some people love the idea of blogging, but when it comes to writing a blog they get overwhelmed and it is often one of those things that gets pushed off (I am even guilty of this, this blog took me way longer to write than I want […]